Kavita Misra

Kavita Misra, a proud daughter and a proud mother of a daughter, pens down ‘ज़िंदगी के मायने’ on National Daughter’s Day

ज़िंदगी के मायने by Kavita Misra एक उम्र में ज़िन्दगी के मायने थे, लोगों से ये सुनना-“तेरी सूरत तेरी माँ से मिलती है”;अब ज़िन्दगी सोलह बरस की हो गई …अब मायने बदल गए हैं….अब ज़िन्दगी के मायने है लोगों से ये सुनना-“तेरी बेटी तुझ सी दिखती है ।” KAVITA MISRA: A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE Kavita […]

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R K Mohapatra daughter

Bestselling Author R K Mohapatra shares a beautiful message for her daughter on National Daughter’s Day

My Dear lovely daughter,  We wish you a happy daughters’ day and think of you with love and pride every day. “Our hearts are filled with divine love by our daughter’s, who are angels that God has created on this wonderful planet.” Happy Daughters’ Day, my lovely princess. I love you for bringing my life […]

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Naresh Kumar Saroay

Popular Indian Author Naresh Kumar Saroay dedicates an incredible poem from his book Reborn to daughter’s right to be born | National Daughters Day

Naresh Kumar Saroay is a new and an emerging Indian author who entered in the arena of English literature with his debut poetic composition, a wonderful book Reborn. He has a successful career as a faculty of English for more than 15 years. Now a days he is serving in Government Senior Sec. School Garha.He […]

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