Dr. Mekha Pradeep

World record fame Dr. Mekha Pradeep to tie the knot soon! Find out who her lucky prince charming is

BREAKING: World record fame Dr. Mekha Pradeep broken the news of coming marriage Beginning a new chapter, India’s Youngest Multicolor Artist Dr Mekha Pradeep broke the news of tie the knot soon.On November 26,She shared the matter through India’s largest platformic interview. A painter’s talent has helped connect her to follow her passion .According to […]

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Dr. Nadarwell Mihsil

Meet Dr. Nadarwell Mihsill – A Celebrity Cosmetologist & Trichologist Specialist

Dr. Nadarwell Mihsill (born 12 June 1997) is a multiple award-winning International Board Certified Aesthetic Physician, Medical Cosmetologist, Medical Trichologist & Facial Injector. He is also the founding member of Indian Society Of Aesthetic Medicine. Early Life And Education  Dr. Nadarwell Mihsill was born on Friday, 12 June 1997 (age 25 years as of 2022), […]

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Shree Radhakrishna : Kavyanjali by Shaileshkumar Sursingbhai Baria From SGSH Publications

Shree Radhakrishna Kavyanjali by Shaileshkumar Sursingbhai Baria is a scintillating poetry book published by SGSH Publications. प्रस्तुत पुस्तक श्रीराधाकृष्ण की प्रेमगाथा और उनके परिशुद्ध प्रेम का वर्णन करती हुई कविताओ का काव्यसंग्रह है । प्रस्तुत पुस्तक में श्री राधाजी, श्रीकृष्ण, श्रीराधाकृष्ण, परिशुद्ध प्रेम, वृंदावन, कृष्ण बांसुरी, कृष्ण मोरपंख इत्यादि के विषयों पर विविध रस प्रदर्शित […]

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Namya foundation

‘India’s Top 20 Prestigious Artists Award’ by Namya Foundation was a brilliant event!

ITPAA nominations started in October and got 50+ nominations throughout Asia. From the 50+ nominations, the Selection Committee has selected the Top 20 Most Prestigious Artist’s Award from the different professions & communities. The show organiser was Puja Kumari & Nikita Mukherjee.  Namya Foundation organised this event to appreciate and recognise the talented people among […]

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Ronia Khan

Kashmir and Bollywood relations from decades, Bollywood actress Ronia Khan currently working on her new project in Paradise Kashmir

Bollywood actress Ronia Khan, who is currently shooting her music videos with Ummer Khan (Bollywood actor) in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. She recently released her music video titled Chani looluk with famous singer of Kashmir Aadil Gurezi. Now upcoming bollywood song titled Dil yeh Mera will release soon which is shoot at Kashmir. Before […]

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