Yogitha Subhash

Yogitha Subhash – Indian Writer and Artist – Biography, Early Life, Family, Awards, Lifestyle

Yogitha Subhash is a prominent writer and artist from Hyderabad, India, who was born on October 19, 1993. Her excellent writings, including Up In The Smokes, The Write Order, 2AM Thoughts, and many others, have helped her gain a great deal of fame. She has won numerous honorary honours, including The Pride of India, Youth […]

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Reena Kumari

रीना कुमारी का जीवन उनकी शुद्ध भावनाओं के प्रतिबिंब के रूप में

यह रीना कुमारी है। बिहार के बेगूसराय के नारायण चौधरी ऐसे अभिभावकों में से एक हैं। अनुसूचित जाति से संबंध रखने वाले हैं। उनका एक ही सपना है कि मेरी बेटी पढ़ लिखकर बड़ा आदमी बनें। यह अपना मजहब ऊंचा रखना चाहती है। वह एक 20 साल की महत्वाकांक्षी लड़की हैं जो अपने जीवन ऊंचाइयों […]

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Cherry Book Awards Season 4

Cherry Book Awards Season 4 – Register Here

Cherry Book Awards Season 4 (The Original) Registrations are now open. Register For Cherry Book Awards Season 4 here : https://forms.gle/TfcvKn4FeXKWB4T79 Categories Best Book = Fiction Best Book = Non-fiction Best Book = Poetry Best Youth Literary Figure (Age below 36) Everyone gets  ✅ Social Media Poster  ✅ E-certificate ✅ Live Interview on YouTube (Free […]

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Ogonna Juliet Nnamani

Ogonna Juliet Nnamani – A Passionate Writer from Nigeria

Ogonna Juliet Nnamani is the author Choices, a passionate writer, a wife, and a mother of three who enjoys reading and writing. Her deepest emotions are expressed in poems and stories. She has a number of short stories and poems, some of which can be found on her website ogonnannamani.com. She’s a Nigerian-Swede currently residing […]

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Aakanksha Raj

Aakanksha Raj – Author who launched a new song ‘Humnava’ | Watch live video

Aakanksha Raj is a management student. She was born and brought up in a middle class family in Madhepura,Bihar. Her dream is to become a successful human being and novelist in the field of writing. Raj has achieved many certificates with her most dedication and talent. She believes in herself or book. Raj believes in […]

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Antonio Bernard Ma-at is a leader, writer, youth influencer and a visionary from Tanjay, Negros Oriental Philippines

Antonio Bernard Ma-at is a full pledge worship leader at Tanjay Assemblies of God, Philippines. A visionary, leader and youth influencer, Arnold has also gained reputation as an author and lecturer.

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Philippines Born Author Michelle Ayon Navajas establishes her name in the Indian Market

Popular author-poet Michelle Ayon Navajas is a highly educated woman with a Master of Education in English. She used to be a college professor and was always engaged in the literary domain one way or another. She is also a freelance creative writer and a blogger. Having qualifications which one can only dream of, Michelle has authored 5 books in just a span of 2 years! This is an incredible feat on its own, but what’s more shocking is that majority of her books are Amazon and Kobo Bestsellers! 

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