Non violence

Author Abhishek Kapoor discusses, “The roots of violence and Gandhi’s non-violence in contemporary society.” | Gandhi Jayanti 2022

Violence is awful, awful, and awful. It can be anything from a pointless dispute that escalates into a fight among nations engaging in annexation or war. Mahatma Gandhi is a shining example of how non-violence may still be the most effective means of achieving victory since the whole concept of violence is actually bizarre. The […]

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Writer Sukanya Mondal

19 year old writer Sukanya Mondal pens down an amazing write-up on Author Abhishek Kapoor, calls him the most down to earth personality she has ever known

Bsc Biotechnology student and popular writer Sukanya Mondal from Bengal on Sunday wrote and shared a magnificent write-up about Author Abhishek Kapoor, calling him the most down to earth personality she has ever known. She went on to share a couple of the famous quotes of Abhishek, and also named him a real gem. Digital […]

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Sharad Kapoor delivers an informative talk on Angel Investment Strategies at a Masterclass event in Kanpur

Sharad Kapoor has emerged as the one of the most famous personalities from Kanpur. He is a passionate film maker, former businessman and a wonderful human. With films like Ashwini, Two Months, Basket, and many more to his directorial credit, he is surely going to make huge impact with his upcoming web series and films. He is the father of popular Indian Entrepreneur and Author Abhishek Kapoor.

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Books shape the personality of humans in general. We have picked four contemporary bestselling authors who are creating a big impact on the readers with their magnificent writing.  Megha Bajaj Bestselling Author Megha Bajaj is the New Voice of India and has often been referred to as India’s most loved author. Her latest book, The […]

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