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Yumna Gulvez: Global Star Ka’Ron Gaines Said “That Little Girl Is The Face Of The Future”.

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The global literary star Ka’Ron Gaines told that Yumna Gulvez is the face of the next generation who will be not only the pride of her country India but also the whole globe. According to him this little is the face of the future who will be leading all the authors globally and said “That Little Girl Is The Face Of The Future”.

About Yumna Gulvez

Yumna Gulvez

Yumna Gulvez is a 15 years old bibliophile soul been a true believer of hardwork, dedication, creativity, patience and optimism,she is a trio world record holder for being the Fastest Solo-book Writer,Fastest Biography Writer and Fastest Manuscripter in the whole world recognised by Inkzoid Book Of Records,OMG Book Of Records and Glorious Book Of Records. She is also the founder of Serving You Publication, certified as India’s Future Tycoon and firmly believes in revolutionary change through massive actions.Currently she is the youngest publisher in the whole world and her mentor is Durlav Sarkar who is a celebrity entrepreneur and multiple world record holder.

Yumna Gulvez ‘s Personal Life

A butterfly soul with high ambitions to fly high by filling colours in everyone’s life.Yumna Gulvez is a 15 years old girl, founder of a publishing house named ‘Serving You Publication’ which is an unit of an international chain named INKZOID FOUNDATION and a writing community named ‘Penning The Pain’ with an award community named ‘Aspiring Awards’.

Other than this, she’s managing several other platforms which are meant for others to complete their dreams and aims.

The author is working in other publications too, as a manager and an editor.
She is the chief editor of Instant Publication and assistant manager of INKZOID FOUNDATION.

“THE DEAD END” is a solo book written by her with an aim to leave a different spark of doubts, questions and mind-sets in everyone’s life.
She is a world record holder for being the ‘Fastest Solo Book Writer’ and finishing it just within 1.5 hours including the final manuscript just at the age of 13 and INKZOID Book Of Records appreciates her hardwork and her name enters in the world record edition of 2021.

The author firmly believes on the principal of hard-work, dedication, self-confidence, passion and patience.

About Serving You Publication

A place for the writers to showcase their dreams and talent.
Serving You Publication founded by Yumna Gulvez which is a publishing unit under INKZOID FOUNDATION helps in publishing the dreams of people as per their comfort and convenience.

The publication house deals with anthologies, contests, mics, interviews, solo-books, awards and all that the writers expect and desire for.

Yumna Gulvez Personal Details

Name:Yumna Gulvez

Father’s name:Mohd. Gulvez

Mother’s name:Mrs. Shehla

Favourite Dish:Veg Pulao

Her Inspiration: Entrepreneur Durlav Sarkar

Favourite Colour:Black

Education Qualification:School Student(studying in 8th standard)


Birth Place:Delhi

Date Of Birth:02/07/2007

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