Dr Mekha Pradeep

Young Indian Multicolor Artist Dr Mekha Pradeep drops a Glimpse of her new Book ‘Legendary Of Arts’, Cover and Trailer set to release soon

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Renowned Artist Dr Mekha Pradeep launching her prodigious book ‘Legendary Of Arts’ by August 2022.The official Trailer and Cover will be on air soon.

She is recognised as ‘The Youngest Multicolor Artist of India’ by Caseyweekly, Midgethearld. Mekha Pradeep is fondly known, as the ‘Most Talented Floral Artist’ of this era. Projecting a lifelong dedication to paintings,her paintings posses variety of thematic content’s and filled with stylized pattern works that are rustic and create sense.

Mekha is an expressive and imaginative painter. Mostly her paintings are created in impressionist manner and surrealist way in various mediums like Watercolor, Oil , Acrylic.She bagged many national and international awards including of getting invitation to attend the International Award Ceremony 2022.

Besides involving herself in Workshops, she also keeps herself busy in making experimental based paintings. Among various passions,now she put herself forward in to the field of anthology. Her works are mostly famous in social media.

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