Sattwika Chatterjee

WILD – the free bird | by Sattwika Chatterjee

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Sometimes l wish to be a free bird,

Wild in nature having control over my freedom and mirth,

Seeking for my prey soaring amidst the tranquil cumulonimbus,

Having a brown casque as the blue Casuarius,

Waving my pinions and moving up higher until l cross or ford,

The unlikely cloudburst and heavy downpour,

And explore an unimaginable desolate , boisterous world,

Where l can enjoy my wildness and carte blanche…

About Sattwika Chatterjee 

Sattwika Chatterjee is a budding writer , currently studying in 9th grade. She has contributed to more than 90 anthologies and has compiled a few books too. She is from West Bengal and wishes to be a bestselling author in near future.

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