Why Paracetamol is not recommended for teenagers post-Covid vaccination


Ever since the immunization of 15-18 year olds began in India, there has been some confusion about the need to take paracetamol or any painkiller to help alleviate side effects. To clear the air, experts say there is no need for any medicine behind Covid jab.

In an official statement, Covaxin vaccine maker Bharat Biotech said, “We have received a response that some immunization agencies recommend taking three tablets of paracetamol 500 mg and Covaxin for children. No paracetamol or painkillers are recommended after Covaxin vaccination. ”
According to the revised vaccination guidelines of the Government of Home Affairs and Family Welfare (MoHFW) of the Government of India, beneficiaries aged 15-18 years will be given only Covaxin.

As a manufacturer, in its clinical trials involving 30,000 people, about 10-20 percent of people reported side effects. “Most of these are soft, resolute within 1-2 days, and do not require medication. Medication is only recommended after consulting a doctor, ”he said.

Experts conclude that having a high fever, chills, headache, or fatigue after a dose of Covid-19 vaccine means that the immune system is starting to get better. Therefore, painkillers should be avoided to ensure a “strong immune response”.

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Dr. Col Vijay Dutta, senior consultant, Internal Medicine, Indian Spinal Injuries Center told indiananexpress.com that any drug, vaccinated after vaccination, is not recommended as it “has the potential to cause hepatotoxicity”. “Giving Paracetamol to children (ages 15-18) who receive Covid vaccines is not recommended. It is because it has the potential to cause hepatotoxicity (liver damage caused by drug exposure). If children develop a fever after receiving the Covid vaccine, they should be given Mefenamic acid or Meftal syrup. Adults over the age of 18 who have the flu after receiving the Covid vaccine are safe to take paracetamol, ”said Dr Dutta.

Dr Sonam Solanki, a pulmonary specialist and bronchoscopist at Masina Hospital, Byculla, Mumbai, said “taking paracetamol just because you are vaccinated is not recommended”. “Also, not everyone is going to have a headache, fever or body ache. Only 10-20 percent of children experienced side effects during the test. Do not give it as a measure of clothing. Only if you experience side effects or a fever can you consult a doctor and decide if you need paracetamol or not, ”highlights Dr. Solanki. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), take painkillers before receiving Covid-19. a vaccine to prevent side effects is also not recommended. “This is because it is not known how pain pills can affect the way the vaccine works,” she reads on its website.

Earlier, an article in the February 8, 2021 issue of Elemental Journal noted how it is not known how painkillers can interfere with the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine. “Therefore, it is better to skip pain pills if you can,” it reads.

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