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Watch | This video of Indian kids praising Woke Seed Book by Ka’Ron Gaines will make you feel better

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Mr. One God Ka’Ron Gaines, a literary phenomenon with a base in Ypsilanti, is the first author to ever write and publish six separate books on the same day. Together, One God Publishing, Digital Golgappa, and Inkzoid Foundation have established a new global record and written this history. He started his literary journey with a children’s book Woke Seed Book, which made headlines in many nations. The book that was initially directed towards children, went on to impress and enlighten adults too. The reception was huge.

Watch – Indian kids praise Woke Seed Book

Many Indian kids collectively created and shared a video praising Woke Seed. The kids also displayed posters of their favourite characters Light and Uncle K. “Woke Seed Book is the best book,” they said, and continued, “We love Light, you will love him too!” Watch the video here:

Indian Kids love Woke Seed Book

About Woke Seed Book – the debut book of Ka’Ron Gaines

Woke Seed is the story of a boy named Light. He finds himself on an unplanned trip to his Uncle’s house that leads to new friends, new fun, and new ideas. Your young reader can enjoy the colourful pages, an exciting adventure, and the start of enlightened conversations.

About The Term Woke Seed

Woke Seed means a conscious being that spreads enlightenment to others for them to enlighten themselves. It is a term created by Ka’Ron Gaines.

About CIC books

CIC (Child illustration consciousness) books are the books with illustrations that appeal to children but with subject matter that can enlighten an adult. It is a new genre of writing created by Ka’Ron Gaines. One Race, One Culture, One God, One Pandemic by Ka’Ron Gaines is the first ever CIC book written in the world. Ka’Ron Gaines in an exclusive chat mentioned that he will continue to write CIC books to change the world.

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