Umpire Richard Kettleborough tells Stuart Broad to shut up during the fifth test against India | Watch video


England fast bowler Stuart Broad was scolded by umpire Richard Kettleborough in the fifth Test match at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground. The incident occurred while England were batting in the first innings and Stuart Broad went to umpire Kettleborough to complain about short balls bowled to him by Indian captain Jasprit Bumrah.

Broad, who stayed for just five balls in the crease during England’s reply to India’s 416, was told to shut up by the umpire.

“Let us do the umpiring – you do the batting, alright?” Kettleborough said.”Otherwise you’re going to get into trouble again. One for the over. Broady! Broady! Get on with the batting and shut up,” the umpire asked Broad to stop moaning.

Broad was hoping to get an advantage in the situation, hoping to make a case on the grounds of intimidatory bowling, but instead was sent back with a warning from the Englishman, who stood his ground.