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It’s very important to bring out the best within ourselves and with the similar aim Aditi Bajoria and Shruti Singh Founded The Unheard Stories Writers Award. This unit was created to cherish the wonderful talents within writers and authors embracing emotions with their extraordinary talent!

There were 24 awardees:
Priyanka Mazumdar; Nayan Rath; Roopal Arora; Joseph Papang; Rajveer Atal; Neelam Das; Susohovon Bandyopadhyay; Vani Dhamani; Bishwoken Dash; Ananya Santosh; Mirza Akram Baig; Dr. Gunjan Arya; Sunnyrudh Singh; Rachna Gulati; Manoj Nishad; Vivek Porwal; Sankalp Milrani; Akshita Gupta; Arati Manas Das; Saksham Kailoo; Chandana Kasipuram; Kanisha Sharma; Varshita Tandon; Rolfy Dsilva; Sugandhyasree Bhattacharjee; Mahalakshmi Vaishnabi

The awardees were chosen on the basis of their achievements, qualities and their writing skills. All the awardees were given their E-Award Kit along with other perks.

The whole team wishes the winner great prosperity and power to conquer more achievements in future!

To participate in future awards organised by us, reach out to us at

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