The Spirits of the Hill castle makes a best seller mark at Virgin Bookstore


Author E.A. Naami’s book The spirits of the hill castle is seen loved by various readers and being a bestseller at Virgin Bookstore, Saudi Arabia. Author Ebtihal Al-Naami is a mother of beautiful daughter. She is an author and a beginner translator for her novels.

From being sceptical to write the entire novel and see it being loved by the readers, the journey has been incredible with so many experiences to the author.

It also gave her the confidence to start writing the second part of the Aurora series, which is her next book she is working upon.

She says at times she still feels butterflies in stomach when readers share their opinion with her.  She learnt to accept criticism and admiration both. She feels it is an opportunity to learn from criticisms and improvise for betterment. 

Fiction is a whole different world where author takes you in and makes you explore a roller coaster ride of adventures with new characters. The spirits of the hill castle are a combo of horror fiction with emotions. The book talks about the spirits in the castle and their impact on the human world. It is about the difficulties that students face because of their parents and society. It talks about how does the past incidents affect teenagers and their behaviour.

“After seeing the book being a bestseller at Virgin bookstore, it dispelled all my doubts about being an authentic writer.” Says Author when asked how she feels seeing her book breaking the records. She is grateful to everyone who read her novel and expressed their opinion and thoughts. 

The next she hopes is to see her book being an amazon Bestseller soon.

The craziest yet the difficult part of writing a fictional story is to blend your imagination in characters, set the plot and then sit, write in reality. Then again take a pause to reflect back to your thoughts and imaginary world and then write again. Author experienced this while working on The spirits of hill castle. 

The author shares one thing to all the writers and readers out there; For writers-do not doubt yourself and never be afraid to write what you want. Everyone has their favourite type of books and there are millions of people who will love what you write, so give yourself a chance and try to learn. For readers- readers make the journey of a writer complete with their experiences and opinions they had after reading the book. Your support and love towards authors can really motivate them to keep writing more. Authors learn to accept both- love and criticism, readers should also know as to how to share opinions without holding grudges. Together we can drive the change and bring more people together through the power of words. 

Grab the copy of The spirits of the hill castle and enjoy the ride to a fiction fantasy.  Stay tuned for the upcoming novel from Author E.A.Naami which again is a fantasy with a whole different concept of time travel.

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