Project Pakshi by Dr. Shreyasee Konnar

The revolutionary PROJECT PAKSHI by Dr. Shreyasee Konar, inspiring millions!

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PROJECT PAKSHI (Etymology : Bird in Sanskrit) – Enhancing Environmental Consciousness through Creativity. A unique collection of 100 bird-themed line art motives. Currently at 012 of ‘Project Pakshi’, the designs have been accompanied by complimentary commentaries, poetry, prose, case studies and analogies. Some of the peculiar properties of the Art Series include the integration of ‘Alpona’, Mandala, Tessellations, Aboriginal Art, Symmetry, Repetition and free-flowing ink strokes. Experimenting with proportions, embodying the principal factors of Modern and Contemporary Art, ‘Project Pakshi’ takes a refreshing turn away from Realistic Representation. After every ten designs, the ‘Work in progress’ videos are being uploaded online, leading upto the final launch. The concept in focus is Conservation, contemporaneous and parallel to the gradual decline of Traditional Indian Art forms; thus combining the two. 

Project Pakshi by Dr. Shreyasee Konnar
Project Pakshi by Dr. Shreyasee Konar

Currently studying at the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, the creator Dr. Shreyasee Konar strategises to combine Artificial Intelligence and Neurolinguistic Programming to put forth this revolutionary masterpiece. An Honorary Doctorate in Global Influence, a Certified Global Woman and Therapeutic Art Life Coach – Dr. Shreyasee Konar is a Global Award-Winning Artist, CEO, Creative Entrepreneur and Thought Leader. She has made exemplary contributions in the fields of Art, Design, Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment. Owing to her Creativity, Individuality and Leadership, she has been bestowed with 30 prestigious awards across India, Japan, United States of America, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Nepal, Italy, Pakistan, Australia, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom. Additionally, she is the founder of several Globally acclaimed initiatives such as ‘Hope Series’ (2016-2017), ‘Pipe Dream – 3D Animated Short Film’ (2019), ‘Creacion Exhibition’ (June 2021-2022), ‘GO BEYOND – Creativity Connecting Communities beyond Regions & Religions’ (2022) as well as Shreyasee Consultancy and Services Private Limited (Popularly known as Shreyasee Consultancy Art, 2015-present).

The best way to predict the future, is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

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