The Jagruk Champion Anushree Agarwal shares about her journey

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Varanasi’s own writer Anushree Agrawal is known for over 13 anthologies as co-author, one as compiler, and of course one solo book Dil se Dil taak which is available on Amazon and Flipkart. After she was selected for The Jagruk Champion Award, she shared her joy. Let us relive it in her own words:

“Now I am going to tell you about my writing journey. As we all know art of writing is a magical thing . It doesn’t come with mind . It comes with the bottom of our heart , passion , compassion and love . It is the best way to express our feelings about anything in the world which exists or maybe imaginary . But for me , it is my god- gifted talent which I used as a passion and became author of Dil se Dil taak.

No one can became author in one day. During pandemic I got very spare time to continue the art of writing. I am grateful to my mother who always supported me in this .  I would like to thanks my elder sister divyanshee Agrawal as sometimes taunts or negative things can have a positive impact on you .One day at night she was so frustrated on me and shouted you have only one thing making poetry . What’s the use of that . Why the hell you do that?. I was speechless. Then I browse on the net and found that there was open mic helding in my city ( varanasi). Filled the form and do the payment and perform there. My stage fear gone . Writing poetry have given me a lot of things.I have won several awards like writer’s ink award,Stellar award, bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala Samman, pride india award and now jagruk champion award.

I feel so Lucky that I got such wonderful family who always support and respect my talent. II would also like to thanks god for inheriting this talent in myself and making and realzing and exploring my talent and giving me that compassion.

Lastly lastly I would like to thank everybody who always supported and encouraged me to become a successful author.”

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