Teghpreet Singh Mago, a 19-year old community-startup professional and the founder of TechBees, is awarded with the Jagruk Champion Award.



Students are the future leaders of tomorrow, pioneers of ground-breaking research, early entrepreneurs behind emerging companies, and innovators of advancing technology. Shaping the future of these young talented minds through the best opportunities is of primary importance. Embarking upon his explorative journey of leading the student community towards a technology-driven future, Teghpreet Singh Mago, a high school graduate from Indraprastha International School  and an aspiring undergraduate student at United States, becomes a proud recipient of The Jagruk Champion Award, out of numerous entries received nationally. The award recognises and appreciates his extraordinary community pursuits and his remarkable contributions towards founding his own technology and computer science-central community project, called ‘TechBees.’ 

Teghpreet is a student leader and envisions to build a student community that is inspired and incited towards learning and advancing themselves. Being a keen learner and self-motivated individual, he was intent on creating a space for students to elevate their interests in information technology and computer science. Driven by the mission of making learning accessible, free of cost, and fun,  he wished to empower students through the resources that he didn’t have the access to. To these ends, he launched his long-envisioned dream, ‘TechBees,’ a student-led online community of and for Computer Science enthusiasts, inspiring students from silk fields to explore its wonders. Through TechBees, students are empowered through links to free certified courses and internships by top enterprises. Founding a team of 10 highly diligent core team members, Teghpreet embarks upon his mission of making every student familiar with the basics of programming. 

Teghpreet’s drive to find the best-fit opportunities for school students and gap year students led him to initiate one at TechBees itself. In January 2022, launched the NewBees Student Internship Program, an unmatched internship opportunity for school students from class 9th to 12th, gap year students and college students to work at five distinct departments at TechBees. With an ever growing social media outreach, he and his dedicated team reached out to over 500 students across Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp and garnered an overwhelming response of over 150 applications. Through skilful selection, 75 talented students received the opportunity to intern and experience the vibrant work-culture at TechBees as a NewBee! The program’s interdisciplinary focus and inclusion towards high school students inspires many students to leverage the NewBees Student Internship Program as a foundational step towards their budding professional careers. 

The fire kindled by Teghpreet through TechBees has reached several visionaries and student pioneers studying at the finest universities cross the globe. He spearheaded the mission of reaching out to students from elite institutions like Stanford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, University of California Berkeley, and University of Toronto. These students were interviewed by him to talk about the interdisciplinary nature of Technology and further mentor the interns. Not only has he gained widespread appreciation and endorsements for his endeavours, he was selected as an Innovation Fellow at the Harvard Crimson Youth Entrepreneurship Society to elevate TechBees with the guidance from some of the best global entrepreneurial minds. TechBees achieved this milestone and is now under the extraordinary mentorship from Harvard students and scholars. 

TechBees stands to be a safe place for students belonging to diverse social and academic backgrounds. With himself being an ardent advocate of inclusion and diversity in the tech sectors, Teghpreet promotes the concept of Women in Tech with over 60% of the entire team identifying as female. At TechBees, students are welcome from a variety of academic backgrounds: from business to design, from political science to psychology, from engineering to communications. Furthering these interests, TechBees ideates on launching a Summer of Code exclusively for school students and commencing a research internship for them, thereby making the best opportunities accessible to the, at no cost. Continuing to display his rousing determination and stirring hard-work, Teghpreet envisages to make TechBees the largest world-renowned tech community. 

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