Tarun Singh Rawat, the producer of JSR Production House’s upcoming film “Mussoriie Boyz,” is full of surprises.

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JSR Production House, a Dehradun-based film production company, along with its sister company VHS Media LLP is gearing up to release Mussoriie Boyz, a significant film, which is shot in Uttarkhand. The main highlight of the film is that it is enacted by a group of talented and recognized actors of the Bollywood industry. It is filmed in some of Mussoorie and Dehradun’s most beautiful locations, and it features all of the city’s major tourist attractions. Thanks to an ensemble cast and crew, the picture promises to be a pleasure for all cinema lovers.

 “Everyone is a born Entrepreneur, and everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. It’s just that not everyone recognizes the opportunity. I believe that entrepreneurship has a positive impact on our lives if done well and it has the power to change businesses for good. Over the years at the JSR Group, we have found ways to support this mindset and create a lasting impact Since my college days, I was very much inspired by big business groups like tata’s, Adani’s, and several others”, says Tarun Singh Rawat, the force behind JSR Production House.

The Producer Tarun Singh Rawat is very excited about the film while talking to us he said, “I believe people are going to like this movie because the script of the movie is appealing, we have tried to take all the top-performing artists so that the movie comes out beautifully.

The Garhwal film industry is growing and has taken a great leap towards success. From the past few years, the Garhwali film industry has seen a huge boost in popularity and audience. This is one of the reasons why filmmakers are attracted to Uttarakhand. People are also accepting new concepts and ideas, which helps the industry to scale easily.

To boost the success many folds Mr. Tarun Singh Rawat is working hard with full dedication, passion, and enthusiasm so that he can make the culture popular among people all over India.

The movie depicts friendship and relationships in a genuine, realistic, and timely manner. It’s the story of four friends who have known each other since elementary school and come from different backgrounds. Vicky (a Superstar), Chaudhary (our typical Gujjar Bhai), Sodhi (the Punjabi Power Peg), and Panda (that witty, overweight chum) reconnect during a vacation to Mussoorie, the place of all their memories.

The trip becomes more than simply an emotional and beautiful remembrance after an unexpected turn of events, making it as distinctive and thrilling as the relationship that connects these four friends.

Filming for Mussoriie Boyz in Uttarakhand began when the curfew was lifted. Tarun Singh Rawat’s label will produce the movie, and it is directed by Hirday V Shetty. Mussoriie Boyz offers an engaging plot and a genuine friendship that will easily bind the audience and help them recall their childhood memories. JSR Production House, together with its sister company VHS Media LLP, is all excited and is working on a variety of intriguing projects. This year, a singing reality show will be staged, providing a plethora of opportunities for Uttarakhand’s bright future.

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