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Tales of Frodo by Yashika Kaushal is a perfect book for all

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“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”– Orhan Pamuk (author, My Name Is Red)
One such person who listens to what dogs are trying to express is the Indian author of the book ‘Tales of Frodo’ Yashika Kaushal. She has penned down this children’s book just perfect for them. And the best part? Well it is a REAL STORY!

Yes, you read that right. Tales of Frodo is the story about a real dog, Yashika’s own pet Frodo who saved his friend from danger. The way Yashika has penned down the instances and what a dog would have felt or thought in every situation is just mind blowing. Kids can learn empathy and sensitivity towards dogs and other animals through this book. Hence, they can learn to understand and listen to animals.

Tales of Frodo is the perfect book for kids up till the age of 11. Parents who want their children to learn imagination – that is the best way to increase their IQ – should go for this book. Make your child’s English fluent and teach them new words through this adventurous journey of Frodo, a Labrador. And most importantly, the child will learn sensitivity towards animals through this emotional story. The writing is simple for kids to understand.

But not just kids, the book is also for each one of us who can learn something from the book and it’s a great emotional read, especially for the animal lovers. The many dog characters like Frodo, Buddy, Bolt, Marvel, and Noddy are interesting and the love of the characters for each other is heartwarming to read. The development of the story is very exciting that will keep the reader gripped by the book, thus a bit away from the harmful devices.

Lastly, I would like to quote a line from the book that sums up my review for this amazing kid’s book friend:
Dogs are truly selfless and can love each other, including Hoomans immensely! They can take responsibility even when no one is looking. Dogs are truly – a person’s best friend.

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