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ICONIC BRAND NETWORK (IBN) is a registered firm by Govt. of West Bengal. IBN is a Trusted Award Organization which provides an honor platform to the talented individuals. IBN organizes various National Level Virtual Awards. 

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA RASHTRIYA SWARNA SAMMAN 2022 is the first National Level Award organized by IBN. Almost 250+ Nominations were received out of which only best 17 Profiles got selected to be honored with the prestigious Award.



Niraja Bandi has been working as a people’s manager for the past 23 years. She boasts of vast experience in the financial services industry, more so in the management domain. Having recently completed an executive management development program through IIM, she currently has a broad base of knowledge which allows her to explore many topics. Some of her key interests include contributing to academics, mentoring team members, advocating for women’s empowerment, and making society a better place. Traveling, listening to good music, watching cricket and badminton, reading, and participating in charity events are some of her favorite hobbies. That aside, she enjoys clicking pictures regularly, even though she is not a professional photographer. Her passion for writing started when she was very young. Well, though she had the passion to write since long, never really explored much as she was busy with her professional career. In 2020, many of us had to work from home due to lockdown. She had some free time for herself wherein she used to browse some posts on social media. She started attending webinars on a wide range of topics to utilise her time effectively. One such webinar actually motivated her to start her journey as an author. Her books focus on educating, informing as well as entertaining the readers. She does not want to restrict herself to any specific genre. She would like to experiment writing all genres of books. She writes blogs for One million Talent’s Audience. She also mentors the One million talent team. She is a published author of 8 bestselling books namely Empower to Transform, The World as a Neural Network, Against the Storm, The Ones Who Dare, Sniffles and Smiles, The Corporate Napoleon, Building Billions and The Bitter Sweetness. All her books have become bestsellers.


Snigdhadeb Guha is a Btech final year mechanical engineering student of Kolkata. Apart from his studies, he’s a passionate reader and writer. He wrote his first feature film “Kamalinir Kotha” in 2022 under the banner of Bikash Entertainment House and the shooting was done. His first project for Bangladesh “Ankajog” is also going on the floor in some months. Since 2020, he’s been a part of several independent film houses and currently is the creative director and co founder at “Calcutta Films” production house and the managing editor at “The Bong Junction” media house. He believes in the miracle of words and intelligence. His desire to learn about life takes him to secluded destinations of life and write about them in the scripts.


Author yashi is from Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India , she is an award-winning author and a psychology student . She finds a lovely escape in reading and writing is a passion for her she believes that writing is an emotion that gives people the freedom to express themselves. She has worked with several publication houses as a co-author and solo-published author and she has been featured in media articles and magazines at both national and international levels.


She is an Entrepreneur, a social worker and a co-author. She is a single, independent and a passionable women. She is a kind hearted person . She has two kids . She is completed his study in guru nanak dev university,Punjab. She is believing that woman can do anything. They should not be considered less than mens.


Unstoppable’ is the best way to describe SaRah. Born and brought up in The Pink City – Jaipur; SaRah has always been a warrior. Dark days have come, even darker years, but that has only made her fight harder. And today she is grateful to all the challenges she had to face because today she is a woman with an unstoppable desire to rise higher. Her affair with words started at a very young age. Poetry for her was therapy. A private person, she preferred to write about all her struggles than speak openly about them. Even today she uses her words to express her deepest emotions. Reading her poems gives you a glimpse into not only her mind, but also her soul. Sarah believes that words have the power to hurt as well as heal. And she hopes that her words cause more healing than hurt. She prays that people all around the globe draw strength and motivation from her poems. Today, SaRah is an award winning poetess and also the Founder & Content Creator of a writing community on Instagram called @vaguesoulsunite. She has also Co-authored more than 10 anthologies and has recently finished a short novel.


Piyush Babosa Baid lives in Gujarat state of India. An interior architect by profession. He is passionate towards his writing skills, who writes stories (novel) and quotes in English language. Who’s also a poem writer in hindi language, who even tries to find a world of happiness by writing. Because he strongly believes that a writer is a swimmer of the ocean called words, they get and collect meaningful and creative for readers. He also believes that a writer are one of the book cover of success.


Ruchika Biswal (DoB 30/6/2008) a Resident of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. India’s Youngest Publisher who is known for LOST PEARL PUBLICATION is a 13-year-old girl, author of TRAPPED IN HEAVEN, ALTALUNE POLARIS and WHEN WE WERE YOUNG, a teen writer, compiler, artist, a chess player, international and national level Ucmas champ, Olympiad gold and distinction medalist, an orator, overall an All-rounder. She is an award-winning author, titleholder of Miss Glory, National and International record holder, excellent leadership award winner, it’s 25 from Inkzoid foundation,co-authored more than 50 books and innumerable contributions in just a span of just 6 months in the writing industry, She thinks Writing helps you to forget the things which are not worth remembering. The words poured out of her pens’ nib aren’t just sentences, they are the carrier of the plethora of emotions, the carving solitude that drips from her life as a saturated sunrise.


Known by the name Seraphic Gem(Trade mark), Venika Sukhija is one of the youngest Certified Lifecoaches in the world along with Angel Healer, Energy healer and Psychic. She has a vision of empowering people and help them tap the best of their abilities. In her early 20’s, God has graced her by helping her unleash her hidden power. As soon as she got her certification, she provided 100 hours of free lifecoaching with meditation sessions. Also, she feels blessed to be a Tarot Card Reader. She believes it as a bliss to interact with Divinity and be in her higher consciousness and help people live a sorted Life. She has worked with Cancer, Anxiety and Covid Patients for their Healings. Clients claim to have more strength and strong mindset. She has conducted various workshops in number of institutions including Punjab National Bank Zonal Training Center, Ludhiana and various educational institutions. Her Coaching sessions help people shift towards a positive mindset and be more flexible. Her clients across the world appreciate her work and love to have regular readings. Presently she is serving as a teacher in Delhi Public School, Abohar along with Lifecoaching and tarot card reading. She aims to see everyone happy and stress free for which her meditation sessions are always helpful. Qualifications: M.Com in Human Resources and Marketing, Qualified UGC NET, Certified Lifecoach Course from Symbiosis Coaching, US. Also, her research papers are published in National Conferences.


Sipping dews of green leaves are beautiful for resilient breeze. Eventually, this thirsty root Sunayana Kayastha is carving as a blogwriter, story writer, translator, photographer and a volunteer. She had published her 21+ anthologies accross India and have been felicitated for Fuzia as a best writer, Spectrum award as a Budding Writer, Best poet for Elite book award, Personality award from standing ovation group, Best writer for Bharatiya Youth 2021,Fox Award winner as a poet, photographer and translator, Applause award winner as a poet and eagle award winner for poet. Her poetry is spotted in a podcast spotify, hungama and other 41+ applications. She is a nojoto chaupal winner, nojoto which is prestigious application of India.(2021) Her writing is lauded by create felicity, raindrop company, the moodspace.com, tinsrel etc. She is chosen as a representative for Writer Capital Foundation. She had been selected for ambassador of peace by steffano picasso. Whatever sediments she is dispersing her whole sea is her parents. Her emanating writings are just for her late parents name Sudeep Prasad Kayastha and Namrata Kayastha. It’s her dream to never let their name fade away until her existence. She wanted to etch their name in a golden letters.


She is Mother, An Entrepreneur, Youtuber, Headmistress and a Teacher. Run my Terrarium business.I prepare Terrarium, paludarium, Mini gardens, theme garden, Garden landscaping . Founder Terrarium Ecosystems. Founder of Garden Gappa.


Dr Veenu Baweja is a qualified BHMS from Punjab, practicing Homoeopathy since 2002. She has worked in various cities like Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Mumbai treating number of patients suffering from chronic or acute health issues. Her medication helped large number of patients recover from after effects of Covid infection and the trauma caused during peak of Covid waves due to emotional, psychological or financial hardship She has developed a strong understanding of human psychology and diseases caused by the changes in vital force She has been helping society by curing number of patients suffering from Diabetes, Thyroid and Insomnia apart from all other diseases She also takes lectures digitally and physically for doctors to help them learn her best practices and cure patients in an effective manner.


Samata Dey Bose is the founder of the entertainment E-portal Indiacafe24.com and an Ex-banker. She is also a content developer, book reviewer, author, C-author, poet, blogger, online interviewer, influencer, Vedic astrologer, and a passionate photographer. She compiles books under her banner, Indiacafe24. She won several awards for her literary and other creative contributions.


Trina Kanungo, a post graduate in Mathematics and computing from IIT Dhanbad, currently working as Assistant Manager in Ecgc Ltd under Ministry of Commerce, posted in Mumbai, is an ardent lover of Indian folk art and Literature. She is a co author of 20+ anthologies in English and Bengali Literature and is highly fitness freak. She excels in Indian classical Yoga . She yearns to create her own signature on this Earth, through her creativity in her eden of poesy.


The name of the candidate is sujoyita pal.she has completed b Ed in English in the year 2021.she has completed masters degree in English in the year 2019 and she has also completed graduation from Calcutta University. She is a writer by passion.she is an introvert in nature.Now she is preparing herself for competitive exams.


Anita Rajani is a Therapist and an author. She has culminated all her years of learning and experience into writing. She has published her own book Shivshakti The Continous Continuum. She has contributed in 6 Anthologies. She has also published a deck of Sai Baba Guidance cards in three languages English, Hindi and Marathi. She is a Therapist and a teacher of esoteric subjects.


Starting her life with Methodist school of philosophy in her alma mater, Calcutta Girls’ High School, she later went on to complete her Bachelor in English with scholarship from Amity University Kolkata and Master in English from Calcutta University. Ms. Neogy has also completed her Post-graduate Content Writing program from Henry Harvin. She is immensely passionate about writing and an avid reader of books. After her sophomore years, she decided to establish a profound career in writing and later to focus on this area as her livelihood. Ms. Neogy has recently published her works in anthologies like “Moonlight”, “The Blood Bond”, “Over A Cup Of Coffee And Sunflower” and “The Compass”.


Tumula Mani Kota Rajasekhar (RajasekharTMK) is born and bought up in Guntur Andhra Pradesh. He received his BE in Electronics and communication Engineering from Sathyabama University in 2019, with an impeccable percentage of 96 and a title “STUDENT OF THE YEAR”. He is a multiple record holder from Guinness Book of Records, India Book of Records and OMG Book of Records. Along with that he also bagged many national and international awards and fellowships from various technical organisations like WRC (world research council), INSC (Indian institute of scholars) and IEEE. etc. He had over 2 years of research experience and during these 2 years he worked for two research centres and also bagged many national and international awards. As a writer he published his first book “Bharateeya Samskruthika Nrutya Kalalu” on Indian History and Cultural dances and second book “111 Thoughts to realize the reality” on understanding the reality of today’s world. He also received multiple awards like “SAHITYA RATNA”, “BEST DEBUT AUTHOR”, “ALL ROUND STAR OF THE YEAR” and many more as a writer. He wishes to make many more wonders in the field of writings too. Along with these he is the Winner of “KALAM RATNA AWARD” from Kalam Foundation for his excellence in various fields as a writer and researcher.

Team IBN Congratulates all the Honorable Awardees and wish them all the best for their upcoming work projects.

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