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SGSH Publication announces the stars of it’s first magazine

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We SGSH Publication is so happy to announce our first Magazine’s all the stars.

Our cover face Ma’am

  1. Arati Manas Das

Arati Manas Das is Teacher. She is an author, model, dancer as well. She has won many titles in the field of Beauty Pageant. Also, she has bagged lots of awards. Her two books have been published under SGSH. She is a mother of 9 years of girl and she thinks that it’s her super power.

Now introducing our participants stars💯

  1. Vikas

Vikash is an optician. He loves to travel and meet new people. His occupation is his worship. He loves to express himself through words.

  1. Rajasekhar TMK

Tumula Mani Kota Rajasekhar alias RajasekharTMK is from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. He received his BE in Electronics and communication Engineering from Sathyabama University in 2019. During that time, he entered into the field of research along with education and published several research papers in various international journals. He received “Student of the year” from Sathyabama University for all his contributions in the field of Research and Engineering. He was also awarded with Best Researcher from IRC Chennai for his exemplary work in this period.
Later he started working as an Engineer and also continued his research parallelly. He was also very much interested in literature. During this time, he published his first book “Bharateeya Samskruthika Nrutya Kalalu” on Indian Culture and Classical Dances and within no time he published another book named “111 thoughts to realize the reality”.
He was awarded with various national and International awards for his contributions in the fields of research and literature. “Sahithya Rathna” and “Kalam Rathna” were some of the memorable achievements in his journey. Along with them he entered into other fields like photography and Art. He received various records like “Guinness Book Of Records”, “India Book Of Records” and “OMG Book of Records” as a token for his interests in various fields.

  1. विशाल त्रिवेदी

इनका नाम विशाल त्रिवेदी है।इन्हें लिखना अच्छा लगता है और उन से ही इन्होंने कुछ सर्टिफिकेट हासिल किए हैं। लेखक के साथ साथ ये हिप हॉप सॉन्ग लिखते और गाते भी है। यूट्यूब पे मेरी V – Champ नामकी इनकी चैनल भी है। ये एक स्टोरी लेख , मोटीवेशन स्पीकर एक स्पॉट्स मेन भी है। इनका ज्यादा बड़ा नाम नहीं है पर वे हमेशा प्रयत्न करेंगे खुद के लिए, उनके परिवार , उनके दोस्त और देश के लिए कुछ कर पाए। कलम की धार से इनका योगदान देश के लिए ये देना चाहेंगे। आप इन्हें इंस्टा पे भी मिल सकते है, इनका इंस्टा आईडी @trivedi6898…

  1. Ashma PANWAR

ये नई लेखिका हैं। इनकी कई रचनाएं प्रकाशित हो चुकी हैं और ये सह लेखिका भी हैं। इनका कहना है कि”जब हमारे विचार कलम की सहायता लेकर उभरते हैं तो हमारे दिलो दिमाग में नई ऊर्जा का संचार होता है”।
इन्होंने वर्ष 2017 में “All India Essay Writing Competition में द्वितीय स्थान प्राप्त किया है। ये हाल ही में दीनबंधु छोटू राम यूनिवर्सिटी ऑफ साइंस एंड टेक्नोलॉजी, मुरथल से Bsc Maths (HON) कर रही हैं। आप इनसे instagram पे जुड़ सकते हैं – @digital_ashma_panwar

  1. Bhawna Mishra

Bhawna Mishra, research Scholar in P.G Department of English Magadh University
Bodh-Gaya, Bihar. She is an assistant editor of Satrachee –An International Bilingual Research Journal. She has presented her research papers in National & International seminars too. She is co-author of more than 30 anthologies .She has compiled an anthology DADIRRI under Ukiyoto publication. LANGLIT AN INTERNATIONAL PEER REVIEWED OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL also published her three poems. She is equally active in Hindi literature too; her poems & stories got published in Hindustan newspaper Patna edition. Mostly she writes about society and women. She is awarded on 8thMarch 2021 by HERSTORY TIMES, for her active participation in Prithvi- women climate warrior campaign. She got innovative teacher award by ZIIEI, Sri Aurobindo Society .She wants to do something for women as she wonders that both nature and women have endless patience but now it’s a time to rethink about both of them.

  1. Dr Gunjan Arya

Dr.Gunjan arya from Uttarakhand doctor by profession and model and author and dancer by passion she been awarded with national award for best doctor and many more award also winner of many pageants some miss India talented.,miss supernova etc …she is published author of solo book wrapped vibes and coauthor in many anthologies like ethereal ,whisper of words ,ocean of thoughts etc she believes that learning is never ending process.

  1. Jitnagora

निश्चित साँसो का पुलिंदा लेकर हम ज़िन्दगी जी रहे हैं, जो किसी भी पल मौत के हवाले हो सकती है.. इन पलों में हम दिलों तक सुकून पहुंचा पाए, तो “जिंदा है हम “
शब्दों में रूह को छूने की काबिलियत होती है, उन्हीं शब्दों को आप तक पहुंचाने का प्रयास मेरे द्वारा किया गया है – जितेन्द्र नागौरा (#jitnagora)
Qualification – M.Sc Biotechnology, BEd, CTET, RTET, REET और ज़िन्दगी से सीखना अब भी जारी..

9 श्रीमती कविता चौधरी

श्रीमती कविता चौधरी,जो हरियाणा के नारायणगढ़ की निवासी हैं, इन्हें बचपन से ही कविताएँ और कहानी लिखने का बहुत शोंक था और सही प्लेटफार्म इन्हें प्रतिलिपि पर आकर प्राप्त हुआ और आज ये प्रतिलिपि की जानी मानी लेखिका है। इन्होने बहुत सी किताबो मे co-auther बन बहुत सी कवितायें प्रकाशीत की है। ये भूमि, स्त्री प्रेम मे देवी, मुस्कान, velentine day(A Book of Love) सुनहरी किरणे जैसी किताबो की co-author है।

इनकी दो किताबें प्रकाशित हो चुकी है। पहली ‘तृषा’ और दूसरी ‘जिस्मानी-इश्क’ ।

9.Kevin Jonathan

  1. Kirtee Rode

A person who loves writing..who see creativity in evrything…loves writing poems,quotes…Kirtee Rode

  1. Mohit Baniwal

His Name is Mohit Baniwal. He is from Delhi. He is Post graduate and have 14+ years of experience in MNC. His informal writing journey start at 2011 when started with some rhymings based on his true feelings but never showcased that. Now he started his writing journey with your quote app and shararat ink around one month ago. For more quotes written by him, you can reach him on instagram @mohitbeni86.
His life funda is “Give your best and never hurt anyone”

  1. Niraj Prabhat

This is Niraj Prabhat, from North Bihar.
He is 20 years old. He completed his board exams from Bihar board,and now persuing greduation in political science from SOL University of Delhi.
He started writing at the age of 8,and till now, Niraj got published in more than 20 magzines from 4 different publications. In future,he has a dream to do something for his hometown “Sheohar ” where in 2022, there isn’t any railway station,or any digree college in district. Email. Instagram. @yournirajprabhat, Twitter. nirajprabhat5

  1. Saanjh
    She is professionally a Teacher. She has completed
    her post graduation in MCA (computer application)
    And m-tech in IT( Information Technology)
    Saanjh …She is a self dependent lady.
    And a hard worker. Who also works as a business women
    She is a straight forward personality.
    Writting is her passion.She only writes on real
    life situations,which connect the reader’s mind and
    And give reader’s to Actuate .
    She worked as a co-author ,and a published writer.
  2. Shreya Thokala

I’m Shreya Thokala, a Telugu Brahmin from Nizamabad. I am an engineering student from G. NARAYANAMMA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES. Writing is my way to escape the reality and revel in the world of imagination. I believe in ” It’s courage, not luck that takes us through the end of the road”. Ruskin Bond and J. K Rowling are my role models as a writer. I have been CO author of more than 4 anthologies. I’m a language enthusiast and a vivid reader. I really wish to meet Ruskin Bond and J.K Rowling someday.

  1. Sita Prasad

Academics/Profession: Post graduate in English Literature, English trainer and teacher.
Resides in : Gurugram
Your Quote ID: #yourquotesituprasad
Instagram ID:

More about the writer

Mrs.Sita Prasad is a poet at heart. She is a versatile poet who believes that actions speak louder than words. So being good helps one write sanely. She has worked as a volunteer teacher and has done content writing for startups. She is a teacher who believes every child is uniquely talented. She believes her faith in Sai has made her journey blissfully simpler.

  1. Anusha Yamijala

Insta id: @avananusha

YoutrQuote id:

Pratilipi: ప్రతిలిపిలో నన్ను అనుసరించండి.,

I am a research scholar, poet, writer, chef, android app developer, women entrepreneur, content6 creator, content writer and youtuber too.

I was a co author for many record aming anthologies

Founder and CEO of Myra Technologies, working to take these apps to the next level. Developing apps to help man kind in their daily needs is my vision

Coding is my soul and with this passion i had developed more than 90 android apps which are live in play store. Working as a Android app developer since 8 years. Some apps reached 1lakh downloads and some have more than 50k downloads.

Runner up in National level poetry competition 7.0 conducted by BindasBefikre. (2021)
First prize in poetry competition conducted on the eve of Mothers day by Sree leathers.(2021)
Appreciated for participation in few of the national level poetry competitions (2021)

First prize in online National cooking competition Season 2 conducted by Febina (2021)
First prize in International online cooking competitions conducted by ShreshtasFoods on the eve of Women’s day (Mar 2021)

First prize in state level prize in Bhagavad-Gita vocal competition (1997)
Second prize in district level prizes in Bhagavad-Gita vocal competitions (1997)
Second prize in state level prize in Bhagavad-Gita vocal competition (1998)
Second prize in district level prizes in Bhagavad-Gita vocial competitions (1998)
Second prize in state level prize in Bhagavad-Gita vocal competition (1999)
Second prize in district level prizes in Bhagavad-Gita vocal competitions (1999)
First prize in state level prize in Bhagavad-Gita vocal competition (2000)
Second prize in district level prizes in Bhagavad-Gita vocal competitions (2000)
Second prize in district level prizes in Bhagavad-Gita vocal competitions (2001)
Participated in manu bhagavadgeeta competitions
First prize in South zonal essay writing competition (1999)
Second prize in Verse Writing competition at school level (2000)
Award of pre emience was issued by SNP pubications for my anthology (2021)

Featured in times crown emagazine as Women entrepreneur and Android app developer this year (2021)

Received Achiever award of the year as Women Entrepreneur (2021)
Awarded as Real super women of the year by FSIA this year (2021)
Awarded by Indian Inspirational Women as Women Entrepreneur of the year (2021)
Featured by ” The Crazy Tales” as Best Entrepreneur of the year (2021)
Received My Achievement award of the year as Women Entrepreneur/ Chef / Writer / Co Author (2021)
Received Bharatiya Youth Face of India 2021 the as Women Entrepreneur (2021)
Aspirant Achiever’s Book Of Record

Placed in Future kalam book of record 2021 as “Android App Developer”.

Shortlisted in three more awards as women entrepreneur of the year (2021)
Member of Indian women history museum Foundation- IWHM 2021

18. Jayalakshmi PG

Born in the beautiful land of Kerala, she is a poet and a writer portrayed for her ability to sense
and portray the extreme form of human emotions in words. She is inspired by her father and
loves to spend time writing the deepest emotions of life, most of her works are deep down to
touching emotions of the heart and extreme sensitivity of the wild aura. Influenced by the Moon
and the heart of the wild sphere, she adores nature and delights in all the creations of the

Heartiest Congratulations to all our participants to be featured in our first magazine.

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