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Rex Jovakim Joseph (born 13th July 1999)  is an Indian author, software engineer, entrepreneur, investor, and a student of LLB in Criminology. The Kerala born lad is currently in Dubai and famous for his three books – “800800 diary”, “Basorexia of a naughty dirty brat”, and “It’s too big to grab”.

Rex Jovakim Joseph was born in Kerala and is currently in Dubai

Rex Joakim Joseph,  a name entitled not to one but many titles. An author of passion, a brewed Software engineer, an entrepreneur with insight, an Investor for a reason, and in addition to all this, a student who is striving to add up his title as a lawyer LLB in Criminology at Middlesex University Dubai. During the first year of undergraduate studies, the lad climbed the wall of entrepreneurship and added the tag of CEO to his name. He invested in three startups in India and two in Dubai. Every passing year he branded himself in fields which may seem too big to conquer in a single lifetime.The journey was never easy, but no tides were big enough to end his passions and dreams.

Till now he has published three books – “800800 diary” “Basorexia of a naughty dirty brat” and “It’s too big to grab”.

Rex Jovakim Joseph

Early Life, Education, Family, Relationships of Rex Jovakim Joseph 

Rex Jovakim Joseph is the proud son of Mr. Joseph.A and Mrs. Prisca.J. The mother of Rex Jovakim Joseph is Prisca.J, and the father of Rex Jovakim Joseph is Joseph.A. Rex Jovakim Joseph was born on 13th July, 1999 in a Catholic Christian family. He hails from Kollam, Kerala, India. Ann Mary J is the sister of Rex Jovakim Joseph. 

Rex Jovakim Joseph is an alumnus of Infant Jesus Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Tangasseri Kollam. He passed his Higher Secondary from Marthoma Residential School Tiruvalla College. Rex is a Btech in Computer science from Amal Jyothi College of engineering Kanjirappally Kottayam

College (Batch 2017-21). Currently, he is pursuing LLB in Criminology (2021-2024) from Middlesex University, Dubai.

Rex Jovakim Joseph is currently single and loves to play cricket, volleyball, kickboxing, badminton, and basketball.

NameRex Jovakim Joseph
Occupation Author, Writer, Engineer, Entrepreneur.
Date of birth 13th July 1999
HometownOlayil Kollam, Kerala, India
Current City Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Father of Rex Jovakim Joseph Joesph.A
Mother of Rex Jovakim Joseph Prisca.J
Siblings of Rex Jovakim Joseph Ann Mary J (sister)
Religion Catholic Christian
School (Secondary)Infant Jesus Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School Tangasseri Kollam School
Higher Secondary Marthoma Residential School Tiruvalla College    
Educational Qualification Btech in Computer Science (2017-21)
LLB in Criminology (2021-24)
College (Btech)Amal Jyothi College of engineering Kanjirappally Kottayam
College (LLB in Criminology)Middlesex University, Dubai
Books by Rex Jovakim Joseph 1.“It’s too big to grab” 2.”BooBoo Diary” 3.”Basorexia of a naughty dirty brat”
Awards won by Rex Jovakim Joseph 1.The Indian Away Awards 2022 Best Fictional book. 2. Bharat Kavi Award 2022
Girlfriend No – Rex Jovakim Joseph is Single
Height 169cm
Sports that interest Rex Jovakim Joseph Cricket, badminton, kickboxing, volleyball, basketball

Awards, Honours & Achievements of Rex Jovakim Joseph 

In his early career Rex Jovakim Joseph has already gained tremendous recognition in the field of literature and received many prestigious awards for his all round talents. 

Rex Jovakim Joseph has won the following awards:

  • The Indian Away Awards 2022 
  • Best Fictional Book 
  • Bharat Kavi Award 2022

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Books by Rex Jovakim Joseph 

Rex Jovakim Joseph has published three books:

  • “800800 diary”
  • “Basorexia of a naughty dirty brat” 
  • “It’s too big to grab”



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