Raj Aryan – Writer and Poet looking at quotidian scenarios with a broad perspective

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Raj Aryan is a writer, a poet who has a tendency of looking at quotidian scenarios with a broad perspective which is evident in his writing.

He began writing as a teenager throwing light on mental health and stigma surrounding it and then followed his passion by opting his Degree in Tourism Management also now serving in a noble cause in American Recruitment. Besides if we talk about his writing career he has been a part of more than 20 anthologies and has also compiled his own book named “Hustler” . He has also earned a weekly column in their local magzine and Newspaper. He is also been awarded with the best writer for 2021 by The Writer Ink publication and The Opus Coliseum as an appreciation also registered a record with Kalam Book of World Records. He claims to be a little selectively social in his personal life but When he is not writing, he can be found answering calls of the wind while exploring cities and discovering who knows what in mysterious forests.

You can reach him over
Insta- raryan__
Email- raj257751@gmail.com

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