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Putri Misnia Shary Bahri – popular soloist artist, songwriter and poetess

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Putri Misnia Shary Bahri is a soloist-artists, songwriter and poetess who has gained a lot of popularity in the literary field with her outstanding writing. She has been active from the year 2007 to present. She is known as Putri to her former co-workers and also known as Nia (Naya) to her childhood friends.

Putri Misnia Shary Bahri is married to Dr. Awaludin Abu Kusim. Interestingly, she has Arabs-Indians behalf of her Father (father side) and Acheness royal blood behalf of her mother side.

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Putri has collaborated and worked in the capacity of a co-author with SGSH, BookSquirrel and Writers Villa publication house. To read her free poems quotations and story go to



Currently, Putri is busy with her unreleased songs and music. Her latest song is titled “Yes I Do” and it will be out soon.

Follows Putri Misnia Shary Bahri on Instagram @misnia_bahri 

Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Read her popular poem ‘Valuable of Love’

When it’s comes to love

say how you feel

within the purest feeling

with every truthful words

from the heart within

it’s the only way to know

how others feel

don’t waste hours of time

in life of other cause

rejoice of happiness

distance away

when your heart

saying she or his the one

make sure it’s matched

your heart desires

caused if it is surely sincerity

a holy vows of marriage met

with no wasted of hours

of year of someone’s life

caused the purest love is

from the heartbeat within

Love fear to lose the one

they’re loved purely

like the beating heartbeat

stronger than ever

expanding feelings

like the warmest sunshine

in the coldest winter

that how’s love related

in a life of someone

forever and always

Misnia Bahri Awaludin

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