Pranay Krishna is The Jagruk Champion from Tirupati

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Pranay is an aspiring Book Writer/ Particle Astrophysicist who dwells in the infinite cosmic sanctuary. He is one of those magical beings you want to get connected with. Above all, this universe loves him, and he is its devotee.

Pranay graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics with a specific interest in particle physics. So far, he has been a part-time author and participated as a co-author in eighteen anthologies. He is currently working on two books; one book describes the self-journey of a man, and the other one is the first of the ten Indian superhero novels that he is developing.

Apart from these professional activities, He loves listening to music, especially Indian, Celtic, and Japanese; Shreya Ghoshal is his favorite singer. Pranay also loves playing cricket; he might be a grown-up man, but he loves to play cricket in the hot sun for hours, like a happy child. When it comes to entertainment, he is a big fan of superhero movies and anime, especially those with deep paradigm-shifting philosophical thoughts, like Naruto and Batman trilogy. And finally, he loves posting unique pictures of him on Instagram (@astro_pranay) sometimes with captions that question one’s reality.

For the future, he plans to publish at least one path-breaking research paper in Astroparticle physics and continue being a professional book writer.

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