Philippines Born Author Michelle Ayon Navajas establishes her name in the Indian Market

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Popular author-poet Michelle Ayon Navajas is a highly educated woman with a Master of Education in English. She used to be a college professor and was always engaged in the literary domain one way or another. She is also a freelance creative writer and a blogger. Having qualifications which one can only dream of, Michelle has authored 5 books in just a span of 2 years! This is an incredible feat on its own, but what’s more shocking is that majority of her books are Amazon and Kobo Bestsellers! 

Though she resides in Malaysia and was born in the Philippines, every poetry enthusiast would know her name in India. 4 of her 5 books are available for purchase in the Indian Marketplace on Amazon, and these are the books that have achieved the most success, especially in East Asia. Her popularity in India came to be when she collaborated with Penzone Publishers, an Indian Publishing house that publishes books of authors all around the globe. Navajas published her first book “Oh Dear One” with Penzone, which introduced her to the Indian Audience. After garnering loads of praise and appreciation, she published all her future books with Penzone Publishers, which made Indians her primary reader base. She is enjoying great success as a writer, with 3 of her books labelled as Amazon Bestsellers. (After Rain Skies-Second Edition, I Would Fly To Where You Are, and I Will Love You Forever, Too.) Her book “I Will Love You Forever, Too” gained the #1 spot in the New Releases Amazon list as well.

Michelle considers India as her second literary home, and has a deep connect with her Indian audience. A huge number of her followers on social media are Indians, and you can see many Indian Bookstagram accounts have interacted with her content on their pages and posted positive reviews of her books as well.

The author has established a strong foothold amongst Indian readers, but has a huge following in her own country as well, where she has achieved #1 spot on Kobo Books through her native readers. She is likely to release her 7th book in August, which is titled “It Ain’t Winning If Without You.”

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