Pattimandram Raja launches a children’s book by Abishek CB & Ranveer Singh sends his best wishes to him!

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Love him or hate him, but you just can’t ignore Abishek Balakumar. Abishek is an author of 2 books “He Shrugged Unapologetically & Before the Flames Could Rest”, and a full-time Senior Content Writer in a reputed IT firm. He has a degree in engineering and now pursuing MBA. His first book was a best-seller on Amazon when he was 23. Before the Flames Could Rest, his second YA fiction novel has also risen to the top of several bestseller lists. He’s one of Tamil Nadu’s bestselling authors. 

Author Abishek Balakumar’s latest book, Before the Flames Could Rest’, is a YA fiction novel and a book for children. The children’s book author Abishek CB donates all the proceeds from his book to the charity. He quoted on Linkedin “Inviting all the activists, orphanages, and connecting with all of these people truly showed me what people are going through in real life and the only thing that can help them is MONEY – Therefore I chose to donate all of the proceeds from the book Before the Flames Could Rest to charity… Join me and let’s do something spectacular this year!”


Pattimandram Raja presents Abishek CB’s Before the Flames Could Rest on April 29th, 2022 at the Savera Hotel in Mylapore. Pattimandram Raja also talked for two minutes in Tamil about “why youngsters should read the novel ‘Before the Flames Could Rest.” 

Book Launch: 

This eBook was launched on International Workers’ Day 2022; from national to international, the ebook launch hit Singapore, Italy, America, London, India, Canada, and many other countries. Many showed their support. Watch the ebook launch click on the image below: 

Ebook Launch:

Also, Chennai’s famous home baker Sumi Shroff collaborated with Abishek on Instagram. Not only from Chennai Abishek has also collaborated with Author Abhishek Kapoor from Kanpur City in Uttar Pradesh where Abhishek Kapoor posted a reels video on Instagram “3 reasons to read Before The Flames Could Rest by my friend Abishek CB”

There are a lot of novels with a high reading level of English; such books are not suitable for our beneficiaries – underprivileged kids who are in their initial phase of learning languages. Before the flames Could Rest is written in such a way that anyone can read and tell the story also it’s for a cause. While we have a plethora of novels, there is a dearth of story/other books in vernacular languages which we get in limited numbers in our donation drives

To bridge this gap, Abishek balakumar has launched this initiative “Raise a Reader” wherein we are giving away pre-loved novels we get in donation at Min 20% off at Damick stores. For every novel sold, all the underprivileged kids will be benefitted. 


Thanks to money raised at the Book Launch event direct book sales and donations, one Tamil kid will be able to attend school for a full year. In total, 10k was raised for the charity “Before the Flames Could rest”, which aims to better the opportunities of kids and women throughout the world.

“It was beyond my expectations,” Abishek said about the money raised. “We are all super excited to be giving gift days to these underprivileged kids.”

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