Passionate Writer Nitumoni Gogoi aka Nitz pens a masterpiece titled Every Moment

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Nitumoni Gogoi, also known by herr pen name Nitz is passionate in writing. She started to express her thoughts and feelings through words. She is a co-author of many books, written many articles. Since childhood, she has been fond of writing. She gets the beauty of poetic nature from her mom. She loves to dancing, traveling, writing, photography and likes to help needy one. She want to live her life in her own way with peacefully and happily. Likes to spend time with the elegant moon and angel stars under the sky.

Every Moment by Nitz (Nitumoni Gogoi)

There henceforward a chance to make a difference
Always be trustworthy and brave
We should take a way every moment to be memorable,

New journey with some extraordinary thought
Glad to such tenderness everyday
Feel the moment that we spend elegant and adorable,

We count each day we spend
We count each moment we spend
But try to be special with pleasing end,

Every moment is very valuable to us
Whether it’s anywhere
Be grateful for the new day to spend some precious journey,

Though we know some thing nevertheless astonishing
Much knots of replicable
Dwelling relies mesmerizing of the waves,

Don’t miss the waves of the way
The deepest gratitude to the momentum
Make a treat of each day, each moment memorable,

Much hopes much promise and blessed of circumstances
Sometime we get the bestest of the unexpectedly
Don’t forget to feel the pleasure of each moment,

Something goes differently
But remember it’s smallest to smallest thing is precious
Some of times to do endure.

— Nitumoni Gogoi, pen name Nitz

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