Pallavi Lumba appears live on Instagram for an exclusive interview with Cherry Book Awards

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Pallavi Lumba is a freelance writer who has been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade. She has exposure in Television and OTT medium. Currently, she is working as a part of the writing team with a  renowned production house. Her forte lies in romance, thriller and horror genres.

As a Guest Columnist, Pallavi has written for several websites, including (Just a Bird in the Sky – 2000) and (Takes a Man to Own Up – 2000/01). A learner of the craft, with the onset of the pandemic, Pallavi enrolled in many writing workshops to hone and fine-tune her skills. In 2021, she ventured into the realm of novels as a co-author of anthologies. In the last one year, her writings have been published in over 15 anthologies. Pallavi is also passionate about Photography and some of her photography work has been published in Elysian Magazine in October 2021. Her interview as the author of the month was featured in Elysian Magazine in November 2021. Pallavi started her website,, in the same month. She also has a poetry recital video channel on YouTube as well as a poetry recital podcast.

Currently, Pallavi is also scripting her own feature film and wishes to pay it forward to the entertainment industry (which has given her so much love over the years) through powerful stories that bring about a fundamental change in the world. She strives to give back to the world by crafting stories that inspire global change for humanity’s good. She believes that words have the capacity to heal hearts as well as to create a more humane world in which individuals complement, elevate, and grow alongside one another. With her writings, she seeks to instill hope, compassion, joy, courage, light, love, and laughter in the lives of individuals all over the globe.

Pallavi Lumba recently appeared live on Instagram for an exclusive interview. Here is the video:

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