Nilshree Damani Yelulkar compiles a short story anthology titled HEAR ME OUT – THE UNTOLD MUSINGS

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We, as humans continuously dive & dwell in emotions, and deal with known and unknown feelings in our everyday lives. And, when it comes to handling those, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.

Most of us are not experts; we simply hide under the shrouds of our smiles and fancies.
So many times you might have felt the urge to express, to hold a helping hand, to make yourself heard. There are moments when we are clueless about how to react to a particular situation, how to get over a trauma, and how to make peace with things that bother us, and in these situations, it is totally fine to seek help.

HEAR ME OUT is an attempt from the makes of the bestselling anthology, ‘Stamped, Sealed, But Unsent’ to bring out those stories and experiences, right from your heart – it is an attempt to make yourself heard.

Hear Me Out will not be just a book, but a friend that you have been longing for. With a collection of life-changing experiences, narrated through stories with twists, turns, and emotions, you may find yourself in some of these experiences. You will not just read, you will FEEL.
These are not just stories, these will probably be Your Story. And, yes, these will not just be scribbles on paper, but strong enough to shatter the stereotypes of the society!
10 authors with powerful stories have come up with this book!

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