‘Musings and Memories’ poet Madhurima Guruju reinvents herself as a novelist

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With increasing popularity of poetry book “Musings and Memories” Madhurima is all geared up to transform herself into a novelist. Stories and poems have always been her true fascination since childhood.

Madhurima had been recognized by elitebook award at top 1 amongst 10 other story writers. The writer is now unleashing her wings to establish two other novels.

“I am thrilled and overwhelmed by the response I have been receiving from my peers regarding the novel. Had finished constructing 15 chapters successfully with illustrations. Now gearing up for the next level”

Even before its launch, Madhurima had been approached by several publishers to pen a couple of fictional novels considering her writing style of stories.

“I have given my consent and extremely elated. Although it’s tough to juggle, the challenge is surely fun”.

As per the sources to be believed, the other two fictional novels are based on real life incidents and the storyline has intriguing elements aiming towards young readers to approach reading.

“The second novel I am working on is based on college stories and the third one will be inspired by Sushant Singh Rajput incidents” .

Although, Madhurima is sailing on passion tides but the journey doesn’t seem to be smooth process with hurdles and criticism. When Love Lasts is a novel currently under process and her hardwork is a sheer form of evidence reflecting on social media handle.

“Taking inspiration of Rahul Subramanian, Karthik Kumar and Rag Mayur is one of the efficient ways of developing authenticity in characters. Sadly, people aren’t taking it in a way I am expecting. But that’s fine as long as I am enjoying the process. The end result will surely amaze you all” she quips

When Love Lasts completes 15 chapters so far and the author is expecting to prolong till 30.

“Initially, I wanted to keep it till 20 but as the story progressed, I was amazed to see how characters have been evolving hence the storyline has stretched but keeping narration in mind, I would be surely making the crisp edit to grip the readers on book” she adds

Nevertheless, we are excited to see how the novel will shape up and we wish her all the best.

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