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Michelle Ayon Navajas releases her 8th book on a short notice for KDP competition; it becomes a best seller in just 1 day

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Popular author and poet Michelle Ayon Navajas released her latest book “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark” on a short notice for Amazon’s KDP competition. It has already become a bestseller in just one day. 

Michelle Ayon Navajas is an international Best-Selling Poet and Author with a big global readership . Interestingly, she is known for her books reaching the #1 spot within days of their release.

“I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark” is Michelle’s 8th poetry book and her official entry to Amazon’s Pentopublish 2022 book publishing contest, where authors from all corners of the world compete for the best storytelling prize. 

Unlike her previous books that talk so much about love in its glorious ways, the book “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark” is about the reality that living and loving are not at all roses. For the first time, she writes about grief and death and how we can heal from experiences that constantly weigh us down so we can move forward.

Former college professor Michelle taught literature, oral and written communication, creative writing, drama, and theatre. She also holds a journalism major with a background in mass communications (Centro Escolar University, Manila). The books by the famous Filipino poet and author Michelle Ayon Navajas quickly rose to the top of the bestseller list after their publication. “It Ain’t Winning If Without You”, her seventh poetry collection, debuted at #1 on the best-sellers list weeks after its publication and reached that position only through pre-orders.

Michelle enjoys completely engrossing herself in her creative endeavours, delving into the investigation, creation, and polishing of the narratives she believes are most deserving of being told. “I Will Love You Forever, Too”, her fifth collection of poetry, debuted at the top of the charts on Amazon and Kobo.Com less than 24 hours after its debut, confirming the fact that she has a strong global reader base.

Writing and storytelling have always been two of Michelle Ayon Navajas’ passions. She identifies as a witty author who enjoys delving into many ideas and themes. Along with “After Rain Skies,” “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter,” “Oh! Dear One,” “I Would Fly To Where You Are,” and other poetry collections, she also wrote the popular book “After Rain Skies.”

A Master of Education with a focus on English (University of San Agustin, Iloilo City), Michelle has three times been nominated for “Publication of the Month” and is a published author with Spillwords NYC. For 2021, Spillwords NYC has nominated her poetry “Holding Hands” as a Publication of the Year finalist. Several worldwide literary journals and anthologies, including MasticadoresUsa and MasticadoresIndia, published her poems. She is also a member of the group of bestselling authors who have won awards and have books in the top 100 on Amazon.com, “Wounds I Healed The Poetry Of Strong Women.”

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