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Meet Manikya Sanghi, a 14 years old passionate Author and Screen Writer, who has been making India proud with his several accomplishments since his childhood. Surprised? Wait, there is more… This gem of India holds several World Records, National and International level awards for being an Author of the acclaimed Fiction Novel Series ‘Chronicles of Tierra’. Manikya is now also a Screen Writer and is writing a Web Series based on his own novels.

We bring to you an exclusive interview with Manikya himself.

Q1. When did you first realize you wanted to become an author and how did you proceed to write your books?

Manikya: My first story book was published at the age of five years. When I was 9 years old, I and my parents got an opportunity to attend some special, advanced meditations with my Mentor. I got the inspiration and brilliant ideas to write original stories of the series of ‘Chronicles of Tierra’ while doing those meditations. My book writing journey started and I intuitively continued to receive more ideas one after the other. Then I noted them and developed the characters and the story arc further.  

One day I narrated the story of the three main characters of the story to my mother. She recorded it on her phone and encouraged me to tell more. I told the story chapter by chapter in following weeks. Finally it was typed, I edited it many times and it was published as a novel. Then I wrote more novels and stories of this series where the story continues.

Q2. Amazing. You have been doing meditation since a very young age. Who is your Mentor?

Manikya: I really enjoy daily doing meditations specially created by my Mentor for children and students. My Mentor Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji is a Spiritual Scientist and Founder of Institute of Spiritual Sciences, India. She has also taught me about various topics in depth which has helped me understand the complexities of life with ease, and how to resolve them in the best possible positive way.

Q3. Wonderful to know about that. Tell us from where have you learned Screen Writing and what are your future plans?

Manikya: I have studied and completed several online, renowned and International courses for Screen Writing. It includes an online Screen Writing course available from University of Cambridge, U.K.

I was also selected by mentors at Unlu and they allowed me to be a part of their Screen Writing Fellowship at such a young age. Through this fellowship I had the opportunity to attended classes with many expert, practicing Screen Writers in the International and Indian film industry, and writers of highly acclaimed Web Series.

After completing these courses I have been writing the script for a Web Series based on my Novel Series ‘Chronicles of Tierra’.

To begin with, I have converted the first part of the script into a Comic Book based on requests received from lot of my dear readers. You can know more about it on my website.

I feel blessed to have been able to set two different World Records for Script Writing. This includes the record for ‘Youngest to Complete Multiple Screen Writing Courses’ with International Book of Records on 27 June 2022 at the age of 13 years 9 months and 28 days.

Q4. Why are you writing a Web Series based on your Novels from ‘Chronicles of Tierra’?

Manikya: I have received many feedbacks from my readers which say how these stories have positively impacted their lives. Many have recommended that Chronicles of Tierra should be made into a Web Series or Films so that the empowering messages contained in it can reach wider audiences.

I also have an interest in this field and am enthusiastic about bringing these stories to everyone in the form of a Web Series. 

Q5. What have been your inspirations in this journey of becoming an award-winning writer?

Manikya: My inspiration to write stories comes from within. Meditating, contemplating, taking a walk while creating a scene or thinking about certain character interactions and dialogues are all things that help me a lot while writing.

I also do a lot of research on the subjects, social issues and other topics which are a subtle, but very important part of my story. The readers often give me a feedback about how my stories have helped them and their kids overcome self-doubt and increase positivity in their lives. All this inspires me to keep writing stories which can be helpful and at the same time entertaining to all ages.

Equally inspirational for me is the encouragement, reviews and constructive feedback I receive from my parents, teachers, school, friends and most of all my readers.

The various awards that I have received and other such accomplishments also inspire me and encourage me to continue further, and help me believe more in my work. I am indeed much grateful to all the esteemed jury members who had taken out the time to go through my work and conferred me with these various prestigious awards.

Q6. From where can we get your Novels, Story books and Comics? Do you have ebooks also?

Manikya: All my printed books and ebooks are available online worldwide. They are also available on my website. You can also get regular updates on my upcoming books, quotes and projects through my Social Media Pages of Chronicles of Tierra.


Manikya’s story may seem very rosy, but in reality he has had to face many struggles and challenges right from his childhood. Yet he continues to write and share outstanding stories with the world, with a smile his face.  We wish him the best for his future ahead.

You can know more about Manikya and his stories on his Website:

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