Meet the founder of Menon’s Gym and fitness expert Sanjiv Menon

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A popular name in the fitness industry, Sanjiv Menon is a Nutritionist, Counsellor, Recreation Manager who is known for sound knowledge of workout sciences, sports, nutrition, special population and more. Sanjiv Menon is the founder of Menon’s Gym in Khanda Colony, New Panvel, Mumbai.

He is Sanjiv Menon who started his vast experience in the fitness industry. He is a Bcom graduate, nutritionist and counsellor.

He has always been fond of working out and staying fit,he believes that for having a healthy lifestyle and a stabled mindset,one must workout everyday to feel fresh.

Sanjiv Menon at Menon’s Gym

He started his fitness journey in the city that never sleeps, Mumbai!  He got selected in the Ministry of Doreign affairs in Muscat, Oman as a recreation manager. He is known for his sound knowledge consisting of workout sciences,sports nutrition,special population etc. He has also been promoted to one of the ministers 5 star hotel as a Sales and Recreation manager. At present,he is the founder of Menon’s Gym located in Khanda colony,New Panvel.

It is an ultramodern gym with sophisticated imported equipment with add-on facilities like steam,zumba,yoga, CrossFit and counselling. They provide expert guidance to people with differing body styles and their goal of fat loss,gaining and muscle building. They deal with a special population with people having slip disc,ACL tear,Arthritis,cervical issues,Sculpt bodies.

Apart from Sanjiv’s love for workout,he is also interested in travelling the world, bodybuilding,  socializing, and education. His dream is to excel in the fitness field and make people healthier. 

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