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Meet The Author Of Shy – Dr. Ashish Rastogi

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Dr. Ashish Rastogi is a new age writer, poet, and a medical practitioner. He is a physician by profession with a medical experience of more than twenty years. Clinical research has been one of his major areas of expertise, owing to his significant contribution of more than ten years in the field of curative service. Apart from his medical services, Dr. Rastogi is also noted for his fabulous contribution to Indian literature.  He is the author of three books including The Broken Code, All the Lines to Cross, and the latest of his production, Shy.  His versatility and literary mastery is highly manifested in his works of short stories, novels, and poems, and also in his other hobby  of painting.

Mr. Rastogi’s career experiences and professional insights get a clear depiction and expression in his creative works of literature. The premiere setting of his first novel, The Broken Code is in a hospital, and is a love story between the two central characters, with the  protagonist working in the ICU of a popular hospital in New York. The first of it its kind, The Broken Code served him with a huge fan base and making him embark on a successful journey as a renowned author in Indian literature. 

Mr.  Ashish Rastogi is a new brand writer of twenty first century sensibilities, and his work integrates technology, crime,  and offbeat and sometimes frowned upon themes such as homosexuality gender biases. His second work,  All the Lines to Cross,  is a romantic comedy  once again reflecting his medical enthusiasm  in literature. The protagonists of the novel are a popular sports star and an orthopedic doctor.  His work do not reflect and deal with dull and dark themes, but instead presents readers with a vibrant canvas of entertaining yet poignant storytelling.  Dr. Rastogi’s third book, Shy, delves into the queer romance of two male protagonists -Brendon and Saaransh. It is a passionate love story with some major twists and turns that keeps the reader hooked into the narrative. The novel implicitly details the social precondition and reaction of society to queer relationships  and gay romance. The author brings out a unique detailing and diversity in the narration, style and wit in his storytelling and manages to tackle a sensitive topic with just the right dose of humor and emotions.

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