Meet the 14 year old Indian Author JATIN BAJAJ

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Jatin Bajaj is a 14 year old author from India. He was born in Delhi while currently living in Gujarat. In the wake of COVID-19, his writing skills were given time to polish. There has always been a spark inside him about art and artistic fields like drawing, litrature, dancing, acting and more. He published his first Novel in June 2021 after which, the book recived great response, selling about more than a hundred copies.

After this, he wrote a full fledged 47,000 words long Horror novel based on completely fictional towns and people created by him. The book ‘Ravels Of Roseland Morgan’ is initially based on the dark secrets of the town and of the rich families living there. The kids of the family never knew they will have to face the consequences of what happened in their family’s past. This book is based on an innovative idea of a battle between supernatural and the supernatural. Find out more by reading it!

Ravels of Roseland Morgan by Jatin Bajaj

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