Meet Kshama Rao – Author and Founder of Kashmira Puravasini Publications


Kshama is the CEO & FOUNDER of Kashmira Puravasini Publications. Aim of this publication is to help aspiring writers to publish their writings.

Kshama is a post graduate in Human Development from Bangalore University. She was in Africa for eight years during her childhood as her father was serving as a doctor there.

Author Kshama has written and published sixteen books which are sold on many online sites and few offline sites. Her book is sold on the shelf of world’s largest bookstore BARNES AND NOBLE. Kshama has a passion to write and share her knowledge with readers. She has co- authored more than fifty books.

She has received many awards like Spirit Mania popular author award, UNIMO Top thirty age below fifty, Women’s excellence award, Shero award, Critic space award, Literoma award, Laureate award, Naaari samman award, Star award and the Munshi Prem chand kahaani ratna award. She has received the Writer award for Reporther e newspaper.

Her non fiction books are all about natural remedies as commercial products are full of toxins and cause problem to our environment and the human beings. Kshama loves to rediscover traditional values. She has written two novels and her short stories convey a message to the readers. She has written more than five hundred articles for different blogs with world wide readers. She was interviewed in the Asian Chronicle newspaper, Kadalvani newspaper of south coastal region, M.T Kenya Times and in many different blogs. Kshama has written motivational books for the adults and good manners and grow spiritually book for the kids too.

Directing and acting in dramas, dancing and drawing portraits and singing are her hobbies.

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