Meet an Initiator and an Ambitious Boy – Aman Verma from Ghaziabad


A creative plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow. Nowadays, taking initiatives pays off. It is a form of self-empowerment as well as self improvement. Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success and this is indeed a truth. There are just a few people who want change, a big change in their nation. Today, we’ll talk about a boy who has a great appetite to do something different which brings a change in the entire nation. 

Aman Verma, a 19 year old boy, who was born in Ghaziabad. He has completed his schooling from Meerut. He is a boy of commerce along with computer science. Currently, he is pursuing BA LLB. He has a unique hobby and that is to Repair computer hardware. He’s also currently working as a cybersecurity researcher on his own. He never went to any institute or coaching to gain knowledge of the cyber security field. He has gained every single knowledge by YouTube or some cybersecurity books. Isn’t it engrossing?

He claimed that his biggest role model is Kevin Mitnick, a well known American computer security consultant, author and convicted hacker. Aman started working in this field from the middle of his eleventh standard. He has now two years of experience in the cyber security area and continues to do so. He is known for the computer knowledge he has. A small ethical hacker who is continuing working to gain success and he wants to create a name for himself with his achievements.

Moreover, Aman has a great goal that is to help his own country from cyber attacks and also wants to work for helpless people. He will definitely help more youngsters to grow like this and to work on their dreams. As we know, dreams don’t work unless we do. “I’ve seen some news which showed a cyber security expert broke many cyber attacks and helped our nation. So when I saw this, a voice came into my mind that now I also want to do this thing in my life once” says Aman. His family has great support for him and his parents also want him to do better in this field and bring a change in the entire nation. His dedication is unstoppable and we are sure that one day he will definitely become an inspiration for all youngsters out there. 

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Source :- Entrepreneur Ethics 

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