Meet Amit Singh Gurjar – the young Actor and Social Media Creator from Gwalior

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Amit Singh Gurjar (born 30/06/2000) is the Indian Actor and Social media creator who has achieved a lot at a young age of 21. He is from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, and a perfect example of a young and rising talent. Currently doing theatre drama, Amit Singh Gurjar wants to be an actor in the television industry soon and by the looks of the things we are sure that he will be a big name in the future. The peculiar thing to note is that Amit celebrates his birthday on 29th.

Full time social media creator
Instagram username – @the_amitgurjar1711

Music videos :-


Followers on
Likee app – 1.1 million
Tiktok- 750k
Tiki – 250k
Instagram- 150 k

Hobbies- painting , dancing, singing , cooking

Height- 5.8

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