Meera Kathija wins The International Writing Competition, 2022 by Cherry Book Awards

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Cherry Book Awards is India’s favourite and most interactive book awards. Recently, it organized the international writing competition in which people from several nations took part. It was done in association with Digital Golgappa.

Ypsilanti based global literary sensation Mr. One God Ka’Ron Gaines ,who created  history and set up a new world record by writing and publishing six different books on the same day. He is the first and only author to do so till date.

The following are the winners of the contest (after they scored the highest points based on the jury score) :

1 :  Meera Kathija 

  – “The library that changed my life”

2 : Kavita Misra 

  – “Gender, no bar: GENDER or NO BAR?”

 3 : John Giftah S

– “The internal battle” 

About Meera Kathija :

She has completed her Master’s degree in English Literature and Diploma in Crech management under The Child care Development. She has published two books in one year of 2021 under the Title Love with Responsibilities and The Cupid’s Curse with Evincepub publication.

She has also have a part in three different anthology books as a co-author with Shashank Chetty and Konki Kamal Sharon with The Unvoiced Heart.

She is the recipient of an award from Spectrum Fantrixx in Open-Letter genre for Spill The Ink Contest.

She is also a YouTuber, who runs her own channel named “ajmn83.”

About Kavita Misra :

She is a teacher by choice, translator-proofreader and  speaker by profession and writer/poet by passion, who’s success mantra is : ” Read more than you wish to write, write better than what you read” 

She is a recipient of several awards which includes

 *. Real Super Woman 2021 by FSIA (Category: Author and Writer)

*· Sahitya Ratna Award 2020

*· Cherry book Award 2020

*· Fireboxx Award as Best Co-author 2020-21

About John Giftah S :

He  is a Top-ranking Podcaster / Bestselling Author / Award-winning Inspirational Speaker / World-Record Holder / Radio Host / YouTuber / Aerospace Engineer and Founder of John Giftah International. His recent second bestselling book, “Unveil Your Purpose” became a #1 New Release on Amazon. He hosts 2 Top-ranking podcasts “The Inspiration Hub” a weekly podcast for inspiration, motivation and personal development often ranking among the Top-25 Self-Improvement podcasts in India and “Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah”, a DAILY podcast which primarily ranks as #1 Christian podcast in India and trends around the world.

Following are the participants and co- author of the contest :

•Ali Ashhar

  – Motherhood

•Madhurima guruju

  – Exercise

•Sumana Acherjee 

Mukherjee – The Essence of Womanhood

•Jesmal Jalal – The Night Sky 

•Sredhanea Ramkrishnan – 

•Mahima Raghuram –

Life and time never stops for us

•Subham Chandra – 

  The Rag picker

•Upama Ghosh –

 ‘Speak Up’

•Dr Shwetha Kamath –


•Achal Mogla – Turning points

•Shivi Goyal – The hymn of mother nature 

•Mehak Walia – Of Love, Chaos and everything in Between

•Elizabeth akinniyi – Silent intoxicator

•Naresh Kumar Saroay- 

  A newborn deserted girl

•Ubbay Francis – 

The Role of education

•Sunil Maheshwari- 

मर्द कभी रोते नहीं”

•Twisha Ray –

Ode To Past Diary

•Abhishek Singh –

कन्या भ्रूण हत्या

•Dr Kalashri M Barve –

Window a place

•Shravani P.T –

Freedom is…

•Abshar Saeed –

The Rainwater’s Mollusk

•Smriti Malhotra –

वह दिन

•Arati Manas Das – A cage of gold 

•Geetika K. Bakshi 


•Sonal Maharana – 


•Tarun Bandarupalle –

Chase your Dreams

•Adrija Jana –

Scream of Silence

•Gaanz M Y – Musing

P.s :  The above names of the participants are in random order.

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