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Mahatma And Leadership by Author Pratik Premraj Bhala | Gandhi Jayanti 2022

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Mahatma And Leadership

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way Says by John C Maxwell. Leader, who have ability to becone the team’s skills. Mahatma the father of our nation was a transformal and transactional leader in the stretch of freedom . His principals of truth and non violence has become popular in the context of management .

In the world we can look over the Mahatma as one of the management leader . Leader like Mahatma has skill to fight but by the caring way. If we are on a trail of truth then the Managing things becomes serene. Irate on the team can disturb the work but the calmness smooths the track. Violent things in the conducts, slightens the work efficiency. A good leadership has to nurture the team with what they want, to collectively augments the productivity of whole team , which helps to reach the objective of organisation.

The Gandhian philosophy presenter Micheal Schumacher tells the Tri- component model of Gandhian leadership . which namely includes veracity, enderament and non violence . The expression like enderament helps the leader to enhance efficiency of a team . The veracity is all about truth and honesty . The Gandhi ji life should be a study topic on some parameters. Controversial side of Gandhi is the other side of coin , but we should uptake the quality moral of each one’s life and try to relate in our life so we can ease our life track with their experience.

About Pratik Premraj Bhala

Creating the world of words ,the tagline which follows the passion of Award winning young author of poetry book Shabdon ka safarnama, Pratik Premraj Bhala. He is 22 year old author cum poet and he bagged by 33 awards for his literary work . Co authored more than 150 books and published more than 300 literary work and featured in honour on 5 covers of magzines. His command is in Hindi , Marathi and English language. Hailing from the small city in Vidharbha , Pratik made his profile in top young author minds. His poetry generally based on Patriotism, spirituality, Nature, social cause and on Hindu cultural values. To contact him you can mail him at

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