MAHADEVI VERMA SAHITYA SHIROMANI Awardee SUDIPTA MISHRA believes that everyone should treat their lives with an optimistic eye!

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Sudipta Mishra is a versatile artist who has excelled in the various fields of art and literature. She is a wonderful classical dancer. 

At her tender age, She has already weaved more than 100 books as a coauthor.

She has been continuously musing on different social platforms like Youth Ki Awaaz, Momespresso, The Pink Comrade, Story Scraper, and so forth. 

As we remember Late Mahadevi Verma Ji on the occasion of her 115th birthday, Cherry Book Awards felicitated the chosen literary personalities for their amazing contribution to Indian Literature. Sudipta Mishra was chosen as one of the prestigious awardees for her impactful writings and contribution to the literary world.

Under the prestigious banner of Notion Press, she has published three books. After becoming an Amazon bestseller for her solo book The Essence of Life, she is presently working on her third book The Songs of my Heart. 

She has garnered numerous appreciation letters from various international organizations for her phenomenal contribution to the literary world. 

She has already raised her strong voice against gender discrimination, female gentile mutilation, global warming, and domestic violence against women. 

She has penned countless articles on pandemics and the ongoing war in the newspapers of Bihar and Odisha. 

She is internationally lauded for her poetic skills by the International Academy of Culture, A Word with Renaissance, Motivational Stripes, International Human Organisation and so on. Recently, she has won the Rastra Gaurav Award from Bhayba International Organisation for 2022 at Rajasthan. 

 Furthermore, she has been awarded the ‘International Besties Award’ by Bhabya International Foundation and the best author of 2021 by the Indian Golden Award Organisation. 

Presently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in English at CVU in the Kingdom of Tonga. Currently, Sudipta Mishra has received honorary doctorate degrees from the International Humanity organization and the International Academy of Culture to her credit. Last but not least, she has been honoured by Galantor  and Nirgia forums as the ‘ Best Woman of the Year Award ‘ of 2022.

Here is an exclusive interview with Sudipta Mishra:

Tell us something about yourself.

Hi, I  am Sudipta Mishra. I am an avid reader since my infancy. I always strive to tread on the untrodden roads of my life by exploring my creative skills. 

Which books written by you have been published?

Until now, my three books have been published under the prestigious banner of Notion Press.  

What is your success mantra for budding writers, poets, and authors?

Avoid plagiarism. Hard work is the key to success. There is no shortcut to acquiring success. Only toil hard to conquer the world. 

What is your other profession and how does it influence your literary work?

I am pursuing a Ph.D. in English. So it only accelerates my literary work. 

What motivates you?

Books are the gateway to success. I always get motivation from reading the books of legends like Shakespeare, Tony Morrison, Preeti Shenoy, Chetan Bhagat, and so forth. 

Share some of your major achievements?

I have already co-authored more than 100 books. My third book Songs of my Heart is a masterpiece. Everyone can feel the positive spirit of my soul, by reading my second book, The Essence of Life which touches on all the aspects of life. 

My readers are my true inspiration and they boost me to improve my writing techniques. 

How did you start your writing journey?

Your pain one day renders you so much gain. Without a tormented soul, nobody can bleed. I scribble to console my disgruntled soul. Life is an amalgamation of pleasure and despair.  Hence, my pain paved the way to convey the rhythm of my soul. I tried to unravel the hidden feelings of my heart. My soul was pregnant with diverse emotions. Gradually, I learned to form them in my poetry.  

How do you react to the success you got thus far?

I am an extremely simple person. I never think that success is easily achieved. It’s hard toiled. I have struggled a lot to taste this success. Nobody should be proud of their success. I have observed so many notable personalities in our society. They never boast of their achievements. So always stay grounded. 

What do we expect from you in the future?

Nobody has seen their future. The future is unseen and unpredictable. But we can make our future bright through our actions. Always be happy with whatever you have been placed with. Never store so many things to secure your future. Only believe in your good works. That is the treasure of your life. 

So, I always remain happy to make my future glowing and dazzling. I always try to trace a ray of hope in utter darkness. So I expect a glorious future ahead. I wish everyone should treat their lives with an optimistic eye.

Be kind and compassionate to make a  wonderful society.

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