MAHADEVI VERMA SAHITYA SHIROMANI Awardee SMILEE PRASHANT BHATT has been a part of over 100 anthologies and aspires to own her company in the future

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Smilee Prashant Bhatt (7th April 2006) is 16 years old girl who started writing three years back,until now she has written 100+ poems,micro tales,short stories and all the other genres. Her loneliness inspired her to write. She has been co-author of 100+ anthologies. She has compiled 6 anthologies.

She is the Content Executive of Digital Golgappa. She is the Main Team supervisor of Pixie and Pexels Publication House.

She has been featured in Africa’s magazine named as Classico Opine and has been featured in Diaspora times global which is a weekly newspaper.

She is the Applause Awardee of the year 2021, and she has also been awarded as the most phenomenal epitome of revolutionary initiatives and changes by AwardsARC and has been awarded as the Writer of the year 2021 by Be Star Studios. 

She has a community named The Powerful Teenagers which is made for helping teenagers with all their problems.

She is also the co-founder of a small biz named Queencyetic.

Smilee is liked by everyone and hopes that her writings will be loved by the readers. 

She has a writing page on instagram : @lookingfortheproperway_ & @aesthete_queency

You can follow her for reading some of her amazing poems and write-ups. You can also search her name on Google as *Smilee Prashant Bhatt* all her social media accounts will appear.

As we remember Late Mahadevi Verma Ji on the occasion of her 115th birthday, Cherry Book Awards felicitated the chosen literary personalities for their amazing contribution to Indian Literature. Smilee Prashant Bhatt was chosen as one of the prestigious awardees for her impactful writings and contribution to the literary world.

Here is an exclusive interview with Smilee Prashant Bhatt:

1)Tell us something about yourself. 

I’m Smilee Prashant Bhatt,16 years old (7th April 2006). I’m pursuing grade 10th from CBSE board, I’m writing since last four years, have penned 100+ writings in mostly every genre. I prefer writing more in the language English. I’m a very easy going person, small things make me happy and I wish to see myself as an owner of a company in the future. I’m founder of a community which is made for the teenagers known as. ‘The Powerful Teenagers’ , we have a certified counsellor too who helps kids deal with their problems and guides them through it. I’m working in Digital Golgappa as their Content Executive, working in Pixie and Pexels Publication as the Main Team Supervisor, Co-founder of a small business named as Queencyetic.

Apart from studies; I have interests in hosting sessions,writing,dance, presenting new ideas for growth of the company/organization and taking the leadership for any program. 

2)Which books written by you have been published? 

As of now there are no solo books of mine, I have been part of 100+ anthologies including international anthologies.

3)What is your success mantra for budding writers, poets, and authors? 

Success mantra for writers,poets and authors are: 

If you know that you can express your emotions in words, go for it! Do not think what would the world think, how would others react who are not like you.  

It’s not an easy task to write, we writers have the patience and strong thinking process which helps us to turn our emotions into beautiful writings.  

It’s not always necessary that writers would like to read books, some of them get bored and wait to write their own book. So, don’t compare yourself from your surroundings as everyone is made different. 

Once you start writing, there would be days when you will feel very heavy but you won’t be able to express your emotions into writings. Never force yourself to write never, because the forceful writings & things never turn out beautiful.  

When you think of publishing your solo book, don’t see where the amount is less. Go for the publication who has the reach to market your book so that you can get reviews from the readers and can gain profit from the same. 

4)What motivates you? 

My loneliness inspires me to write. There are days when I do completely nothing , it’s just a day in bed . Everyone has days like this atleast once a week because of stress or work pressure. Do not blame yourself for the same, it’s okay to take a day off everything and focus on resting. 

5)Share some of your major achievements? 

I’ve been awarded as Applause Awardee of the year 2021, I have also been awarded as the most phenomenal epitome of revolutionary initiatives and changes by AwardsARC & as the Writer of the year 2021 by Be Star Studios.  

6)How did you start your writing journey? 

I was in my class one day and all of my friends were sitting together while I was left alone. I felt really bad at that moment and had nothing to do or no one to talk to, I was already going through something and needed a shoulder I could cry on , at that moment I found my shoulder which was writing. That day I wrote for the first time on the topic sky as I was looking outside the window and was overwhelmed in my thoughts. 

7)How do you react to the success you got thus far? 

I had never thought that from writing one poem, I’ll write 100 more. It feels really good that I’ve come this far and have achieved so many things. People know me by the name Queency in the writing industry. 

 When people ask me what do I do apart from studies,I feel very proud of myself while explaining them that yes I write poetries and am famous in the industry, I’m also mentor for people etc. I had never thought I’d start earning in the age of 15 but all thanks to my mentors, writing communities and people who have supported me since the beginning and are supporting me today too.

8)We observed that your writings are mostly on the theme love. Can you explain what love means to you?

Yes, I write mostly on the theme love. Love completes a person whether it is from the family, friends or life partner. Love is needed by everyone like we need water to survive we need love too. Love should be respected and we all are worthy of being loved.  People say that most important key of relationship is trust or say loyalty but for me every key comes under communication. If you communicate with your partners properly, you’ll built their trust, they’ll know you’re loyal, they will feel complete when they are with you. People say long distance relationships do not always last that is because of lack of communication. If there is proper communication in every relationship between anyone, everything can be fine without any misunderstandings or grudges all relations can last. Nowadays people stay in relationship and then get bored, this is because partners do not look out for each other that what all adventures can they do, where all can they hang out or what are more things to talk about etc. If you want the relationship to last, you’ll have to be that spark which will go the love going.

9)People often forget their mentors after they succeed in life. What are your views on this?

There are many people who forget their mentors after they succeed, they built up that attitude which drifts them apart from their mentors. A mentor should always be remembered as without them you wouldn’t have been where you are today, mentor are our gods whom we should never forget no matter if we become billionaire one day or we go ahead from them . Mentors should never be forgotten. My mentors are Ishani Agarwal and Lavanya Venugopal , without them I wouldn’t have been able to know the writing industry and wouldn’t have penned so many beautiful pieces. Special thanks to my mom, friends, students & few family members who have always supported my hobby and inspired me to keep going.

10)What do you aspire to be in future? What is your first goal after grade 10th?

For the aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, a business management degree is consistently a popular choice which is for me.

I want to gain the academic knowledge and skills to pursue global career opportunities and helps me to develop a broad understanding of businesses and specific areas such as finance and human resources. 

I see myself as an owner of a company in the coming future, I wish to work with many people and my first goal is to get financially independent.

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