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Senthil Shenbagam Pillai is an aspiring writer from Mira Rd, Thane. He is passionate about life and believes in living it to the fullest. His hobbies include drawing, writing, watching movies. His education involves a commerce degree with reputed university along with a software course from N. I. I. T. He has more than 10 years of working experience in IT field.

He is passionate about writing and intends to pursue it as a platform to grow as a famous and successful author. He is a Co author of 8 published books and intends to publish a solo book in near future.

Inception by Senthil Shenbagam Pillai

I sometimes wonder why did the thought of owning a Mercedes Benz came to inception…

It was my first job as a executive and I was really excited and happy. I worked for a Advertising firm and  dealt with all types of advertisements maybe a cigarette , a liquor or a upcoming model shoot. The job 

involved long tiring hours with limited time for breaks. I was fine with it as it was my first job and I wanted to show my loyalty and efficiency to my superiors. I used to arrive in office around 9am and used to leave by 10 pm almost 13 hours every day. It was a challenging profile as I had to look for new 

clients and promote our brand to them. It was difficult during the initial days but as days flied, I understood the trade secrets and soon it turned easy and flexible. I was now one of the lead generator and people were happy with my performance. 

One day during lunch hours, I got a call from one senior executive who wanted to meet me in person for reasons unknown. I approached his desk reluctantly and was quite nervous while interacting with him. He immediately understood my restlessness and made me at ease by chit chatting on my hobbies and 

my personal life. I found him to very friendly and it removed all my fears of being with a senior management personal. After I got a bit comfortable, he told me the reason of the meeting. He was quite impressed with my work performance and wanted me to mentor the new joinees. I was overwhelmed and readily accepted the offer. During the course of the conversation, he mentioned that he intended to 

buy a new car and wanted me to accompany him. It was a Saturday afternoon and there was hardly any work so I agreed to his proposal. It was a introduction to one of the leading luxury car brands and the inception date was memorable, it was the 14th of February and I had fallen for the car at first sight.

We went to the nearest showroom and I was mesmerized with the experience. I had visited a few car showrooms in the last couple of months but this one was quite impressive . As soon we entered the premises, the entire staff welcomed us with a smile and a positive nod. One of them showed us all the latest models emerging with the features and benefits. The best part was it also had a virtual tour of 

each model with features and price tag. It was well organized and crisp. I could not take my eyes off the silver lining model, with devastating exteriors and classic leather inside it. We had the pleasure to test drive the vehicle and my eyes were stuck like being hit by lightning. The car started and soon it was 

talking with the air at the speed of 100 km in 4 seconds. I was already in a dream world after astonished with the car sexy looks, color combination and safety features. I got jealous with my senior and imagined how lucky he was to be a future owner of such a wonderful piece of art and technology.

During one of the interactions, my new mentor explained me there is nothing impossible to achieve if you work hard and focus on your goals religiously. I promised myself to climb the ladder of success with hard work and dedication. The beautiful lady was the reason for my motivation and hunger for success . 

With sheer hard work and dedication, I did reach one of the top slots in the management in three years . 

I had achieved a milestone in my career and was getting ready for the big day so that I could bring my  dream girl home. My dream girl, my first love , it had to be “ Mercedes Benz “. The beautiful lady had forced me to achieve the impossible success and growth and I have scheduled her arrival date to my house, the same day of her inception in my life-14th February.

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