Little Woven Thoughts – A book which journeys through emotions


Little Woven Thoughts: this is a compilation of the diverse cacophony of thoughts playing in your little mind at any moment of the day. As the name suggests, we have so many things on our minds that sometimes we try to figure them out away. to express. All repressed thoughts that are hidden in the hidden corner of your heart and mind are expressed here. We see many things around us, we meet many people in our lives and we sometimes hear many things. Sometimes we overlook everything, sometimes we think of everything and sometimes they just hit us or affect us in a way that marks us forever. Thoughts are like a cave, the deeper you go the darker it gets. When we sit down and try to examine these thoughts, so many things come to the surface that we often cannot say in our daily lives. When your mind is like a whirlwind of words and you need a way out, the best solution is to write them down. The same is my case. I found this medium to express them and I wrote them to reach others. We can struggle with these thoughts, but the more they are repeated, the more powerful they become. It keeps repeating itself until you find a way to express it or put it into words. When we sit down and think about these thoughts, we realize that sometimes we don’t have anyone to share these thoughts with, or even if we do; no one will understand them. But they keep chasing us. In this book, these are the little thoughts that are expressed through these scriptures. That can be immensely helpful when this book gets such attention. As you read the book’s details, it offers a beautiful cliché that uniquely correlates with each ghost’s psychological feelings. Knowing about this can enrich young minds with opportunities for self-explanation and love. 

The Author is Arpita Sarkar, a budding poet and writer, born and brought up in Kolkata, who has always wished to be a professional author someday. She has always been fond of reading and writing and has a habit of scribbling down her thoughts and articulates her feelings and emotions. She has always been that little girl whose diary was her home where she could always keep her thoughts safely.  She has always pondered about alternate endings in so many books that she has read till date, and that has somehow inspired her to a great extent. Since she was a child, she tried writing short poems and thoughts that were close to her heart. As she grew older, she started writing snippets, poems, thoughts, short write ups and quotes and some of them have even been published in various anthologies and on social media platforms. She has always loved English Literature and had pursued a Master’s degree in that field. She’s a girl with so many thoughts that at times they clash inside her head and flow out in words. She’s an ambivert and being selectively sociable, she keeps her circle quite small. Writing brings out the best in her and makes her believe in the imaginations that she weaves. She believes that her abstract world of writing can take her away from this chaotic world. She’s definitely not an eternal optimist by nature, but is a total romantic at heart, who loves getting lost into her own little world. Apart from writing, she loves traveling a lot, mountains being her favorite escape and is a diehard foodie from the core of her heart. Being a content writer and Transcriptor by profession, her life revolves around writing and she loves doing it with all her heart. 

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