Literary Stalwart and Financial Expert RK Mohapatra is the Jagruk Champion from Jammu

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CMA Rabindra Kumar Mohapatra (R K Mohapatra), an” Eminent Author” awardee, has vast experience of 28 years in the field of Finance & Accounts and coupled with profound knowledge on various investment avenues, known for his work on cash & wealth management, portfolio analysis, financial planning, and retirement planning for individuals.R K Mohapatra, MBA/Finance, FCMA, is now working as General Manager of Finance at the IRCON INTERNATIONAL LTD, describes the topic of financial planning for an individual and the future growth of financial products in India, which reflects an investor’s perspective on handling his or her hard-earned money carefully through proper investment planning. 

Financial Expert R K Mohapatra authored four books on non-fiction business self-help, “Retirement Planning: A simple guide for Individuals,” “Investment Risk & Growth: A Guide for Investors about Investment Vehicles,” “Sahi Nivesh Se Ameer Banen(Hindi Edition)” and “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals.” 

Mohapatra’s work has been featured on many national daily newspapers, magazines, and blogs, including The Freepress journal, Outlook money, The pioneer.R K Mohapatra won the Eminent Author award at the 32nd Dr. S. Radha Krishnan Memorial, National Media Network Awards-2016 for his meticulous bestselling book, “Retirement Planning: A Simple Guide for Individuals” in New Delhi.R K Mohapatra’s book, “Mutual funds: A powerful investment Avenue for Individuals,” won the Literary Titan Gold Book Award 2020 in the USA and Reader’s Favourite – Gold Medal for his bestselling book “Investment Risk & Growth: A Guide for Investors about Investment Vehicles,” 

Notable author R K Mohapatra has the recipient of numerous national and international awards, including two prestigious international awards: the 18th Edition Asia Pacific HRM Congress -Exemplary leader award 2019 and the 19th Edition Asian Leadership – Hall of Fame award 2021 for his excellent and enormous contributions to IRCON and exceptional caliber to the world of Finance.

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