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“Killing Of A Consciousness” by Author Aditya Mishra becomes the most selling short story on Amazon in India

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Now a popular name in modern literature, Author Aditya Mishra has come a long way since the day he released his first book to living his dreams of being the youngest national bestselling author of India. A third year student of ASRD College, Delhi, Aditya recently released a 24 page fast paced thriller Killing Of A Consciousness, which is already one of the most selling short stories. 

“Killing Of A Consciousness” is the first novella of a 3 part series. It trended at  #1 in the Amazon bestsellers chart for quite some time. The Book is a very short, quick, and captivating read. Here is a short description about it:

Jason, a normal guy. Cynthia, his twisted “girlfriend.” Cynthia has a past, a past Jason doesn’t know about. Traps are laid; memories are erased. Will Jason and Cynthia have a happy ending?

This short story is written from the narrative of multiple characters, and both the first and second person POV.

This book has received quite a good response from the readers. “It’s beautifully written, gripping, captivating and shocking,” remarked one reader, while, “A short read having such a twist that gives you goosebumps,” wrote another. Authenticity was appreciated by most readers as they got to read something really fresh.

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Aditya Mishra’s most popular book until now has been “The Cartel Workers”, which made him the youngest National Bestselling Author in India, a record that he still owns proudly. With a decent experience in the publishing industry as the co-founder of “Penzone Publishers”, Aditya has also won an award for the best author – fiction.

Interestingly, his debut book “Shadows” was also all about drugs, money, and murder, while the book “You Made Me A Killer” is also quite popular amongst the readers. The award winning author is currently working on a 3 part book series.

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