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Kashmir and Bollywood relations from decades, Bollywood actress Ronia Khan currently working on her new project in Paradise Kashmir

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Bollywood actress Ronia Khan, who is currently shooting her music videos with Ummer Khan (Bollywood actor) in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. She recently released her music video titled Chani looluk with famous singer of Kashmir Aadil Gurezi. Now upcoming bollywood song titled Dil yeh Mera will release soon which is shoot at Kashmir.

Before this Emran Hashmi also visited the valley and shared his experience on Twitter. Now Ronia Khan while talking with us said Kashmir is joyous place which is really attractive and one of my favorite places in the world and I would recommend all other Bollywood directors and actors to choose this place for shooting instead of visiting other countries.

And she also added up that Kashmiri people are really warm and welcoming in nature. I would love to visit again and again in Kashmir. Here the various beautiful places attract various tourists as well as visitors.