John Giftah shares an exclusive ‘The Eagle Eye Admirable Talk’ video | Watch


John Giftah is a Top-ranking Podcaster / Bestselling Author / Award-winning Inspirational Speaker / World-Record Holder / Radio Host / YouTuber / Aerospace Engineer and Founder of John Giftah International. His recent second bestselling book, “Unveil Your Purpose” became a #1 New Release on Amazon. He hosts 2 Top-ranking podcasts “The Inspiration Hub” a weekly podcast for inspiration, motivation and personal development often ranking among the Top-25 Self-Improvement podcasts in India and “Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah”, a DAILY podcast which primarily ranks as #1 Christian podcast in India and trends around the world.

John Giftah recently appeared in the first episode of The Eagle Eye Admirable Talks. He shared an exclusive video which you can watch here.

Here is the video:

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