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Anjali Vikas Jha is a student who is 14 years old. She was born on 1st March 2008. She had started writing when she was 11 years old. She stated working in Anthologies when she was 13 years old and she is also ‘Co-founder of Ashlin Publications’. She have compiled 3 anthologies, Lost in dreams, Far from World and Hidden Silence. All she wants is to make her parents proud. Her Father’s name is Vikas Jha and mother’s name is Chanda Jha. Her grandparents are Harikant Jha and Shakuntala Devi.

She is doing her schooling from St. Anthony’s high school. And she’s very passionate about her goals. Her favourite writer is Mother Teresa.
She wants to be independent. She is very close to her parents only and her parents are her inspiration.

  1. Utsav Kumar Arya

I am Utsav Kumar Arya Studying in class 8 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Bishnupur Begusarai, Bihar. Our only aim is to become an honest and conscientious citizen of India and serve the country and spend my life considering Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar as my blessing. Chakravarti Emperor Ashok Gupta Maurya is in golden letters in the history of India as an inspiration for our struggle for life. From the very beginning of his life, the author has been bound by the bondage of love of literature. My work is to inspire others, I want people to be inspired by my poems and be punctual to achieve their goals. We have faith that our writing will continue to move at uninterrupted speed, will continue to move, will continue to move…..

*InstagramI’d:- j.n.v_utsav_kumar

  1. Richa Goswami

Her name is Richa Goswami. She is a budding writer. She finished her Master Degree in Sociology and History. She expresses her thoughts and feelings in her writing. She had been a co-author of 3 Anthologies.
You can read her quotes on your quote app
YQ I’d – Rich G
She was awarded many certificates in writting and prizes in art and painting contest.
She is rewarded as “Author of the week” in Storymirror app.

  1. Huma Malik

She is Huma Malik who hails from a small town of Dehradun which is encompassed by alluring blue valleys. She holds a degree in bachelors of Commerce hons. from College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi. She has been the wonderful co-author in a good many anthologies and the best writer in some of the anthologies. She is the compiler of an anthology named SUNRISE under the JEC Publications and the author of the book And I dare to Fly under the SGSH publications. Her domain of interest in writing imperatively lies in composing poems , quotes , motivational articles etc.  She is obsessed with writing and penning down her heart out with great zeal and enthusiasm to regale the joy of life.

  1. Pro Sawyedul Amin

Pro Sawyedul Amin, a student and an author of Myanmar was born early on 3rd, December 2004 at a “Golden Village”, Nga Yent Choung. His ambition is to be a renowned engineer to help his community but he teaches professionally to his community which can distinguish either true or false. Otherwise, his goal is to be a poet and an well-known author to indicate every human as a literature contributor all over the world.He is a writer of literature and a co-author and a compiler of more than hundred anthologies. He was awarded many trophies with certificates.

  1. S. Keerthika

S.Keerthika is a budding writer. She has finished her Master Degree in English Literature. She is a sportive character. She is most fond of her family and friends. She is more fascinated in writing poems and quotes. She expresses her thoughts and feelings in her writing. She had been a co-author of more than Ten Anthologies. She has been a Complier. She is a English and Tamil Jury of Word Secret Community. She thinks that literature is a most beautiful thing in the world, which made herself to be so special.

  1. Shubhanjali Nishad

Shubhanjali Nishad is a Resident of Kanpur Uttar Pradesh.She Completed her graduation from Chhatrapati Sahu Ji Maharaj University,Kanpur. She is young and passionate Authour who is mostly fond of hindi Literature . She also writes in English Language . Her thoughts and writings are appreciated a lot .she won many writing competition in some daily writing communities andShe’s also a winner of G.Memorial Sarkar Competition. She is passionate towards reading since childhood . Thus keep interest in book has turned an creative thinker and Author. She has worked as a Co-author in 450+ anthologies .She is also a volunteer of Words of soul publication. She has also Compiled anthology named ” Farmers , Feelings of Heart , Ek Rishta Dosti ,Tera Deedar , Super Women and many more upcoming projects she is working on. She has also written solo books called ” Kuch Aunsune Alfaaz , Mere Rasik Bihari etc and many more to come.
You can find her writings and content her through:
Gmail.ID :
Insta ID : Kanha_ki_laado

  1. Keerti Nayak

Her name is Keerti Nayak. She is a writer and born in 20th century. She is 18 years old and from Uttar Pradesh, District–Mahoba (Town of Alha and udal). She is currently pursuing graduation in B.Sc. from SSSCW, Bhopal (City of Lakes).She is also an NSS volunteer and an anchor. She writes the thoughts that come up in her mind by Deep thinking. you can read her quotes on your quote app,I’d name–Aashi_Dil ke alfaaz ❤️‍🔥 and also on Insta, I’d name–restless_soul_16. At last She has a message for you all to know a little bit about her write up.

शायरी नहीं जज्बात लिखती हूं,
कुछ बिखरे हुए अल्फाज लिखती हूं। पढ़ सको तो पढ़ लो इन शब्दों से,
अनजान–सी इस शख्सियत को मेरी.. इन शब्दों के जरिए लिखा है बहुत
दर्द-ए-दिल का अफसाना..
जो न चाहती थी कभी मैं किसी को सुनाना।। पढ़ सको तो पढ़ लो…
पर हर शख्स जो जिंदगी का मारा है,
जिसने शायरियों में जिंदगी को पुकारा है।
जरूरी नहीं कि वह दिल का मारा हो,
शायद उसने किसी अपने को हारा हो।।

  1. Pavithra Srinivasan

This is Pavithra Srinivasan…used to write under the pen name : dreamer… She is from India can get connect with her through insta : Pavithra_srinivasan_5225 and her email id :…she has been writing anthologies as a co author and as a compiler too and has been writing stories in Wattpad platform and used to write quotes and she has been as a developer advisor, admin , social media manager , host, event planner, spokesperson , reviewer , competition head and promo manager of community..her writing are from her heart . She write what she feels at that time. All her writing is kinda semi – autobiography of her and some will be just a imagination. And she wish her writings will be the happiest fruit in everybody’s heart whoever reads it .

  1. Jugesh Singh

Jugesh Singh Thakur is 23 years old writer, blogger, author and poet born in 20th century from The valleys of Pogal and Paristan, District – Ramban (Jammu and Kashmir). As per the education is concerned He had done B. Sc from GGM Science College Jammu and M. Sc from University Of Jammu. He has core rooted belief on writing as it is soul healer which dilutes the quality of depression and the materialistic lusts. He is the author of book ‘The Craved Emotions”. He has been Honored at various national and state level stages. ( Vajra World Record Holder, Kalam Ratna Award). He has co-authored more than 30 anthologies since his inception in this staggering field . You can also relish the essence of his writing in form of research papers, articles and poems which are being published at various local, national level newspapers & magazines like, Daily excelsior, State times, EWA zindagi, Vijay Darpan Times, Amar Ujala, etc.
You can contact him through;

Instagram : Jugesh_Singh_Thakur

  1. Bulty Das Sarkar

Her name is Bulty Das Sarkar. She has done her masters degree in
mass communication. One day, while thinking about life, suddenly an idea
strikes her; that is to write about life. From then onwards, she started writing
her maximum thoughts on life. After that, she started to write at some apps like
Pratilipi, yourquote, Facebook, Instagram. So she has now decided that..
रुकना नहींझुकना नहीं,, कलम थामा हैतो,, बस अब थकना नहीं,, बस अब लिखना है,,
रुकना नहींझुकना नहीं।।
She’s also an author and has participated in many anthologies as a co-author. She
has published her solo book published by SGSH Publication.

  1. Pallavi Jeethan

Pallavi Jeethan( Pallu) is from South Karnataka.Brought up in Mumbai.

She has completed 2 and half years of Diploma in Health care Administration after 12 th.(SNDT University) Santacruz.

BA in psychology and Economic .(IDOL) Santacruz

1 year Diploma in Foundation of yoga(Mumbai University).

1 year Diploma in Advance
yoga(Mumbai University).

Writing is her passion.( She is co-author of 29+ Anthologies and Compiled 3 book .

She is blogger too.

Her first solo book-

Short YouTube Video of her book from SGSH publication-

Her 2 nd Solo book –

Short YouTube Video of her book From SGSH publication-

1st book as a compiler –

2nd book as a compiler –

3rd Book as a compiler –

Top 5 Indian Co -authors who are certainly the future of Contemporary literature –

Top 18 Exceptional talent of the globe –


Namma Billaver-


SGSH publication –

Her blog site ( u can search her name by Pallavi Jeethan in this site)-

Art is her hobby.

By profession she is a yoga personal trainer.

Pages of her
yoga page in FB –

Art page in FB –

Facebook Account –

Instagram ID – Pallu2610🧿

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