INKZOID FOUNDATION comes with a new initiative with Abhilash Rout,the man behind this idea.

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INKZOID FOUNDATION in association with Merry Welfare Organisation & Purpose Go Viral takes an initiative of ‘Tree Plantation Drive For Every Anthology Published Under INKZOID FOUNDATION’ and the team ambassador of INKZOID,Mr.Abhilash Rout is the first ever person in India to bring such a revolution which is very innovative and will reduce global warming on his 28th birthday.

Our main mission is to make a sustainable Earth by plant trees and reducing Global Warming.

INKZOID FOUNDATION will plant one tree for one anthology and plant two trees for one solo book monthly to bring a revolutionary change.

“We plant a tree,so that the next generation can get air for free.”

Story Behind Starting Purpose Go Viral

It all started with ‘ISHWAR CREATIVE STUDIO‘ where editing of various movies, songs etc. were done.

Later on, an idea popped-up on our mind, to expand our boundaries and have our own Production House, Where the Editing Floor ‘ISHWAR CREATIVE STUDIO‘ turned into a Production House with the same name again ‘ISHWAR CREATIVE STUDIO‘.

‘ISHWAR CREATIVE STUDIO‘ was an all in one thing, a Production House as well as an Editing Floor where we started doing our movies, music videos and a lot of other similar things.

The name ‘ISHWAR CREATIVE STUDIO‘ changed into ‘PURPOSE GO VIRAL‘ , when we once again thought of crossing our own limits and creating our own You Tube Channel again with the name ‘PURPOSE GO VIRAL‘.

This was all about the journey from ‘ISHWAR CREATIVE STUDIO‘ to ‘PURPOSE GO VIRAL‘.

About The Chairman

Abhilash Rout is from Cuttack, Odisha. He has completed his graduation in B.Com with Accounts Honours.
He is preparing for competitive exams too. He has been working for the welfare of the weaker sections of the society.
Writing has been a part of expressing his feelings & his thoughts into words.
He is working in Odia film industry as an actor, story writer and assistant director.

He is the Head of a Production House named as Purpose Go Viral Pvt Ltd. which works for Entertainment Purposes on different social issues.
His Instagram handle is @coolcapt_abhilash.
He has taken part in more than 170 anthologies which includes international anthologies too.
He is the winner of OMG Book Of Records, Amazing Book of Records, Indian Book Of Records, Brand Ambassador of OMG Book Of Records, India Star Award 2021, Indian Professional Award 2020.

Co author in the Anthology Recognised by Vajra World Records and High Range of Records – Gustakhi Maaf Hai.

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