Lokesh Meena

I started with hope and rest everything followed, Lokesh Meena.


COVID-19 is a disease that has shaken the whole world, especially in countries like India. Amidst all this, the poor section of the society was most hit by the consequences of governmental acts and the repercussions of the pandemic. But the social activists were the saviour in these difficult times, and Lokesh Meena is one of them. A person who is considered the god for the villagers, he provided his helping hand in the form of basic resources.

Lokesh Meena born and brought up in Jaipur comes from an affluent background having two petrol pumps. He came into the limelight when people discovered his activist side of humanity in the form of various help during the Covid-19 lockdown. The villagers of Nayinath were highly indebted to Lokesh Meena. As it has been traced that all the issues which villagers of Nayinath faced were mostly dealt with by Lokesh Meena, whether it be providing food and fodder to villagers, making the availability of water, or helping them in providing medicines or medical help. All these things were managed by the youth icon of Nayinath i.e Lokesh Meena.

Lokesh Meena emerged as the biggest help during covid-19 and saved a lot of people. Apart from this he also donated hypochlorite spray to the villages and also made sure that each corner of the village is sanitized. He also ensured that neither humans nor animals die of hunger and starvation. Lokesh Meena, who is known for his noble cause has served humanity during Covid-19 at a wide level.

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